Smart Classroom Proof of Concept

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"Smart Classroom Proof of Concept" is a [U]Tech-led entry in the Seed Sprints component of the Office of the Provost’s campus-wide Think Big initiative.

Defining the Project

This project aims to enable the transformation of CWRU classrooms into next-generation learning spaces that provide cutting-edge tools for teaching and learning.

It will do so by creating a proof-of-concept "smart classroom" and lab area to experiment with new technologies, for example:

  • Using a chatbot (like Siri or Echo) to control classroom conditions, such as turning on lights, projector or other equipment
  • Employing mixed-reality devices like HoloLens for enhancing instructional delivery
  • Installing cameras to count students, create class rosters with pictures, etc.

Hosting the Lab Space

Sears think[box] will provide space for the prototype lab, ensuring easy access to the environment for the whole university community to test new technology and see it in action. Effective date to begin, timelines for different technology to be set up?


  1. Experimentation will develop new, innovative concepts and methodologies for teaching the next generations of students
  2. Adopting new smart technologies to prepare classroom conditions for each class can save a projected ~11 hours/semester of faculty time
  3. Self-monitoring smart rooms will be able to alert support units when (or possibly before) issues occur
  4. Utilizing smart technologies can yield energy savings by turning off equipment when not in use

Project Partners

Sue Workman, UTech (lead contact)
Nick Barendt, ISSACS
Bill Deal, Religion and Cognitive Sciences
Mark Griswold, Interactive Commons and School of Medicine
Brian Gran, ISSACS and College of Arts and Sciences
Jeff Gumpf, UTech
Miro Humer, UTech
Cheryl Knight, UTech
Ken Loparo, ISSACS and Case School of Engineering
Tina Oestreich, UTech
Lisa Palazzo, Compliance and Privacy Office
Mike Thomas, UTech