Adobe Connect Conferencing

March 2019 Decommissioning

CWRU is decommissioning Adobe Connect in March 2019. Zoom will remain available as the preferred conferencing system university-wide. In preparation for the transition, [U]Tech is requesting all Adobe Connect users to move their recordings/content out of the application. Please refer to this guide on how to download files.

Adobe Connect (Connect) is a web conferencing system provided by University Technology, [U]Tech. The user interface is built on Flash player and integrates tools like video conferencing, live polling, chat, whiteboards, desktop sharing and file sharing.


Connect is a business critical service. CWRU UTech supports more than 5000 registered users. CWRU UTech also provides no-cost customer support for Connect through the Service Desk.

Technical Details

System upgrades are fully evaluated on a test server by trained UTech staff before being deployed to production servers in the KSL data center. Connect is monitored continuously through SolarWinds (NOC).

SLA Details

Except for monthly patches and infrequent version upgrades, the system is designed to be always-on and available.


Current CWRU Students, Faculty and Staff

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