ERP Data Warehouse

The Data Warehouse (DW) is a central repository for data collected by university business information systems. This Data Warehouse system maintains up-to-date data from actively used applications as well as stores historical data from sunsetted systems from the past. Due to the nature of the daily loads of the data, the warehouse will always only contain data from the previous days activities. The Data Warehouse uses Business Objects to enable users to filter through the aggregated data, select reports of interest and extract those reports as needed.

Data from the following systems can be found in the DW:

  • Student Information System (SIS) - Active
  • Human Capital Management (HCM) - Active
  • Ad Astra (Room Scheduler) - Historical data only (project underway to become active)
  • ProSam (Financial Aid) - Historical data only

Some frequently used reports are:

  • Curriculum by major
  • Degree Candidates by plan
  • Enrolled students with Hrs and GPA
  • Graduate student account data
  • Analysis of earnings
  • Staff demographics
  • Resource space utilization
  • Financial aid monitoring by year
  • Need based aid
  • Enrollment statistics by plan


Data Warehouse users are supported by an experienced ERP Team comprised of subject matter experts within the Human Resource Department, Controllers Office, Registrars' Office and the Division of UTech. By contacting the CWRU Service Desk your inquiry, issue, or suggestion will be routed to the appropriate team.

Technical Details

SLA Detail:

Service Availability within our hosted data center is 99.90%


Available to all university personnel who currently have access to the ERP systems.

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Sign into SAP Business using your CWRU Network ID and password. You must choose "LDAP" from the authentication drop down menu.