Accessing Qlik

  1. Navigate to https://qlik.case.edu/cwru.
  2. Enter your Case network ID and password and click "Log in".

Locating Reports

  1. Qlik Streams
    On the left-hand, reports are organized into "streams". You can think of streams as folders. Click through the steams to locate a report.

Running Reports

  1. Qlik Report Home
    After clicking through the streams and locating the report, select it.
  2. After the report opens in a new tab, the report's queries are displayed under "Public sheets". To run a query, click it from this list.

Navigating Results

  1. Qlik Expanded Row
    Results are collapsed by default. To expand the results, click the plus icon at the beginning of a row.

    To collapse results, click the minus icon at the beginning of a row.

Filtering Results

  1. After running a report, you can filter results using the fields listed at the bottom or on the right-hand side.
  2. Qlik Filter Button
    To apply a filter, select all of the values for a given field and then click the green check mark. In this example, the user will see only results for Submission FY 2014.
  3. To clear a filter, unselect all of the values for your field and then click the green check mark.

Saving Filters Using Bookmarks

  1. Qlik bookmark icon
    You can save filters using the "Bookmarks" feature. After applying filters, click the Bookmark icon in the upper, right-hand corner.
  2. Qlik create bookmark
    In the pane that appears, click "Create new bookmark".
  3. Qlik bookmark check
    After choosing a Title and Description for the bookmark, click the green check on the right-hand side.
  4. To access bookmarks in the future, click the Bookmark icon and select your bookmark from the list that appears.

Exporting Reports

  1. After running a report, right click the results
  2. Qlik Export
    From the dropdown that appears, click Export and select "Export data"
  3. After your request is processed, a prompt will notify you that your data is ready for download. Click "Click here to download your data file."