Aissa Yero

Research Fellow
Fowler Center for Business

Aissa Yero is a Research Fellow at the Fowler Center for Business. Her interest in the business field started at a young age growing up in a family business. That taught her perseverance, sympathy, and helped her develop leadership and entrepreneurial skills. Correspondingly, that influenced her decision to pursue a business degree throughout her academic life. For this reason, she holds a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in business with concentrations in management and finance, and she is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in Business.

Having held senior and executive positions in the financial industry, she worked in both the for-profit and the non-profit fields. Currently, she co-founded a nonprofit organization that focuses on empowering rural communities, children, and women to become prolific with the endeavor of promoting sustainable societies, while aligning with the global goals in reducing poverty, improving education, and fostering equality. Additionally, she is a board member of a nonprofit organization. Serving in the nonprofit and the private sector, she has approximately twenty years of experience working for humanitarian organizations, international organizations, and fortune 500 corporations.

Currently, her research focuses on Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in emerging countries, where she assesses the impact FDI has not only on investment return, but also on sustainable management strategies, economic development, policy creation, and most importantly human development. She became passionate about this research for the reason that it encompasses various aspects of business and society. She aims to help transform this inevitable interconnected world, and her research will contribute to making favorable investing and societal choices that will allow sustainable decision-making. With her versatile educational and professional background, she envisions continuing researching in the domain of management, economic development, and socially oriented research to advance her practitioner-scholar experience while addressing the pressing societal issues to avail others in the businesses, governmental, and societal arena.

During her years of business education, her community involvement consisted of the launch of a project to help small businesses in Indianapolis develop superior business plans, implement sustainable strategies, and raise adequate funds to become successful in the community. Her goal is to continue helping these small and medium-size organizations and continue making a societal impact on her community.