About the Department of Cartooning

If this department existed, it would probably be an interdisciplinary department drawing from scholarship in Art, English, History and Political Science. This paragraph would be the place to give a brief description about the department along with a link to more information.


Alizarin's World by Numbers

Video game development: a new trend and a new class at the Case School of Engineering

Alizarin's World by Numbers, a video game, was the biggest hit in the final presentations of Case's new Game Project Design. Learn more...

Stephanie Bush

Bugs Bunny, Tom and Jerry and other cartoon characters inspire ground-breaking work, Tunes for 'Toons, by Case's Daniel Goldmark

Like Tom and Jerry cartoon antics, Daniel Goldmark got a wham, bam punch of an idea when he had trouble guessing the scores accompanying the animated action of the mouse-cat duo during a "name that tune party." Learn more...