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Internet Services

E-mail >>

Once your account has been established, you can access your Case e-mail via either Webmail, or through your preferred e-mail application on your local computer. Users downloading their e-mail may choose between POP (Post Office Protocol) and IMAP (Internet Messaging Access Protocol). Learn how to send and receive email.

LDAP Directory Services

With the new LDAP system, you are be able to access and search through the campus directory using other computer programs such as your email program or calendar.

Mailing Lists >>

Mailing lists allow users to send e-mail to a group of addresses. These can be used to facilitate discussion on a particular topic among a group of users who each post to the same list, or to control communication by limiting who may subscribe or post to the list. Some users also set up lists to create generic e-mail contact addresses for a given department. For example Department X might set up to use as the e-mail address they publicize on their website. Rather than going to just one person this address could send to a group of individuals within the department. Learn more about using lists at Case.

Discussion Forums >>

Discussion forums on general topics, student internet services (SIS), and Case current events are offered through for the use of the Case community. Users post on a variety of topics ranging from Case events to politics.

Usenet Newsgroups >>

Newsgroups provide a way of sharing news and information across networks that predates the World Wide Web. They are similar to online bulletin boards on which individuals make postings to share with a particular community. More efficient than mass emailing, a message on a newsgroup stays on the news server for all to see without clogging any one's mailbox. Newsgroups are frequently used to post important information. Case has several newsgroups that are restricted to the Case community including which is a newsgroup for making postings about the Case technology environment. Learn more about using newsgroups at Case.

Blog@Case >>

A blog, short for "Web Log," is similar to an online diary in which you can post thoughts of personal or topical interest. Entries can be archived and categorized by date or topic, and—if you choose—readers may post comments and questions to your blog, thus allowing for discussion of the topic at hand. Case blogs are provided to students, faculty and staff for personal, business or academic use. To start blogging, simply go to and login with your username and password. Class, group and departmental blogs can be requested through

World Wide Web Access >>

Anyone connected to the Case network, whether through a wired or wireless connection, may access the World Wide Web using the browser of their choice. Users without computers may also connect to the web using the computers in the Kelvin Smith Library.

World Wide Web Sites at Case >>

Web hosting is available to students, faculty and staff for academic, business, and personal use. University groups such as academic departments, administrative departments, student organizations, and residential groups should apply for an account on Case's Aurora Server. Web development assistance is provided through the office of Creative Services.

Case students, faculty, and staff desiring web space for personal use and student organizations may apply for space on Activate your account.

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