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The template masthead includes three items: the official Case logo, a background image on a color from Case's brand color palette, and the name of the website.

screen shot of masthead

Official Case Logo

The official Case logo appears in the upper left corner of all templates. In the HTML, the logo is built using two graphic files: left_logo_edge.gif and logo_CWRU_teal.gif (color to correspond with the masthead's background color).

Do not replace or alter the Case logo. If creating a site for one of Case's schools or colleges, use the matching logo for the appropriate school or college. See Download the Tools for .gif files of these logos or get web development assistance from University Marketing & Communications Creative Services. Otherwise, use the primary Case Western Reserve University logo provided with the templates.

Background Image

The background image in the masthead is changeable in the cascading stylesheet under the style name .masthead. A variety of prepared, Case-owned background images are provided with the templates in the "images" folders. Choose from the provided options or replace the background image with one specific to your site (e.g., an image of nurses for a site related to the Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing, dancers for a campus dance group, etc.). Background images placed in the masthead should be rendered in the same style. To request a custom image send your photo to in University Marketing & Communications Creative Services. Due to the shape of the background image, certain photos will work better than others, but we will be happy to work with you to find the best solution for your needs.

Site Name

The site name appears in the right corner of the masthead in HTML text. Edit this name in the templates using the h1 styletags. The name should remain constant across your site. The name of the site might match the name of an organizational unit (e.g., "Department of Microbiology" or "Office of the Registrar"). Alternatively, the name might be shortened for impact and readability (e.g., "Microbiology" or "Registrar"). Topical names related to site content are also appropriate (e.g., "Web Toolkit"). Should you need to alter the size of this text, do so in the stylesheet on the h1 style, but only if absolutely necessary.