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Faculty/Staff Wellness

Financial Well-being

Financial Well-being

Financial Well-being

Participating in a multi-session program to learn more about financial management and/or healthcare consumerism will meet the participation guidelines for this incentive. 

Why is this Important?

Financial health is an important component of well-being. Research supports a link between financial savings and healthy lifestyle habits as well as an association between better health and less health care expense.  Taking an active role in managing finances is associated with less stress, increased feelings of security, and greater financial confidence.  Gallup studies have found that financial security has a more significant impact than does income alone on employee well-being.

On-site Classes

Fiscally Fit

This spring, learn about more specifics about the retirement plans and programs available to the CWRU community.
Thursdays from 11:45 AM to 12:45 PM
March 8 through April 26
Clapp Hall Room 108

Registration is open now!

See dates, topics, class definitions and action steps by reviewing this Spring 2018 Fiscally Fit spreadsheet.

Class 1. CWRU Retirement Plans - 3/8

  • A quick start guide to the CWRU retirement plans from Benefits Director Jamie Ryan
  • Participants will see how enrolling, or increasing their contributions will better prepare them for retirement

Class 2. Tracking Your Retirement - 3/15

  • Vanguard's Dawn Ahr will demonstrate the Vanguard Retirement Income Calculator

Class 3. Saving More (aka:Spending Less) - 3/22

  • Dawn will review strategies for reducing debts and saving more
  • She will share basic rules to help participants improve financial lives

Class 4. Investments: make Your Money Work for You - 3/29

  • By taking basic investing knowledge to the next level, Dawn will help participants better understand investment philosophy

Class 5. Paying Yourself: Income Options in Retirement - 4/5

  • Suzanne Vujasin from TIAA shares strategies on how and when to access retirement money
  • Participants will learn the basics rules that govern the most common retirement accounts and gain perspective on when to tap different assets

Class 6. Ohio's 529 Plan: Saving for the "kids" - 4/12

Ohio’s 529 Plan, CollegeAdvantage, helps families save for the future college expenses of a loved one in a tax advantaged way

  • The presentation will cover the 529 plan's features, attributes and benefits
  • Participants will learn to open, manage and accelerate savings in an account
  • Important updates from recent federal and state changes will be covered

Class 7. Rising Interest Rates - 4/19
Register for just this class.

  • Nuveen's David Stone examines the impact of rising interest rates on different asset classes

Class 8. Ready, Set, Action - 4/26

  • Dawn Ahr is back to help participants customize the steps needed to assure and strong retirement and to meet other financial goals


Financial Wellness 101

Learn how to implement a sound investment strategy may help reduce financial stress and strengthen preparation for retirement. Series is led by William Mahnic, Assoc Professor of Banking and Finance at Weatherhead.

Our 2018 classes have finished. Look for another offering in 2019!

Financial Wellness 201

In this advanced class, William Mahnic, Assoc Professor of Banking and Finance at Weatherhead will offer a deeper dive into many of your personal finance questions.

Look for this class in the FALL of 2018!

Upcoming Finance Webinars

Our retirement partners at TIAA and Vanguard offer free webinars for all faculty and staff.

Upcoming TIAA webinars
Special Topic: Social Security strategies for married couples - 4/10, Noon
Special Topic: All About IRAs - 4/11 Noon
Tomorrow in Focus: Saving for your ideal retirement - 4/11, Noon
Halfway There: A retirement checkpoint - 4/11, 3-PM
SPECIAL TOPIC: Quarterly economic and market update - 4/12, Noon
Inside Money: Managing income and debt - 4/12, 3 PM

To Register for TIAA webinars:
Step 1: Visit
Step 2: Under Guest Access click Register for Guest access
Step 3: Enter first name, last name, Email and a password of their choice
Step 4: You will be taken directly into the Live Webinar Lounge where you can register for the webinar and add it to their calendar

Upcoming Vanguard webinars
Financial Freedon: Strategies for Reducing Debt and Saving More
on May 16 at Noon or 6 PM and on May 17 at 3 PM

Vanguard's Principles for Investing Success
on May 16 at 3 PM or May 17 at Noon or 6 PM

Registration will open on April 23.

Remember, these webinars are free to all faculty and staff, regardless of your retirement savings provider.
If you are using a webinar to meet attendance requirements for Fiscally Fit or Financial Wellness 101, please send an email to Mary Ann upon completion of the webinar.