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Nutrition or Weight Management

Nutrition or Weight Management

Nutrition or Weight Management Programs

Healthy eating and weight management are two critical components of a healthy lifestyle. CWRU is committed to providing a variety of informative, evidence-based, and enjoyable options to help you attain your goals.‌‌

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Attaining and/or maintaining appropriate weight is suggested for general health and well-being. The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute recommends assessing weight and health risks.

Appropriate weight for height may be determined by using an online BMI calculator 

Unhealthy eating is related to many of the leading causes of death in the U.S. Use of websites such as the USDA Dietary Guidelines for America and the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute's guidelines on Lowering your Blood Pressure with the DASH diet may be helpful.

Nutrition Action

Nutrition Action

Over this 8-week nutrition series, participants will learn from ease@work Registered Dieticians and holistic nutrition experts how impactful nutrition decisions can be. From “Nutrition Action for the Prevention of Disease” to “Eating from the Earth,” participants will learn readiness to change, planning techniques, budget-friendly tips, important information about functional foods and more! Get tip sheets, journals and recipes. Additionally, learn how ease@work resources can supplement what you learn, even following the sessions.

Look for a new class in 2018

Weight Watchers @ CWRU

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Enrollment Details
CWRU Faculty and Staff
To enroll, log on to
Use Company ID 21123 and Company Passcode WW21123

On Campus Weekday Meetings

Wednesdays all year
12 - 1 pm 
School of Nursing, Faculty Staff Lounge (first floor)

Thursdays all year
12 – 1 pm
Thwing, Cleveland Room

A 50% subsidy is available for all benefits eligible employees to attend on campus, online, and community meetings.

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Selfhelpworks LivingLean and LivingWell

Current On-Line Programs

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1. LivingLean

Our partners at SelfHelpWorks offer this 12 session on-line program designed to help you break your addiction to unhealthy foods so that you can lose weight or maintain your healthy weight.

Read more: LivingLean Weight Loss and Nutrition Program

To register, follow the prompts on the SelfHelpWorks page of this website.

2. LivingWell

Selfhelpworks also offers this 9 session diabetes program which will change the way you manage, think and feel about dealing with diabetes.

Read more: LivingWell Diabetes Management Program

To register, follow the prompts on the SelfHelpWorks page of this website.

Designing Your Personal Weight Loss Plan

Designing Your Personal Weight Loss Plan, a MOOC (Massive Online Open Course) created by Mary Beth Kavanagh, former senior instructor and director of bachelor’s/master’s education in the Department of Nutrition, is now available for FREE to CWRU Faculty and Staff.

This 5 week, 10 class program restarts every two weeks. Because we all have different palates, levels of cooking interest and nutritional needs, this program allows participants to build a plan that works within their lifestyles.

In order for Wellness Participants to earn the Nutrition and Weight Management incentive, they must:
  • register
  • complete the coursework
  • and BEGIN the weight loss plan
Note: To qualify for the Wellness Weight Management/Nutrition incentive for 2017, participants must complete the course and begin their personalized weight loss plan no later than November 30, 2017.