Coast to Coast

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During this 12 week fitness challenge, which ended on 4/19/20, participants:

  • Aimed to workout (anytime/anywhere) for at least 30 minutes, 5 times a week
  • Earned extra points for eating a healthy breakfast each day
  • Expressed gratitude for the people around us and events of the day

Some statistics from the virtual cross country journey:

  • 578 faculty and staff registered and 405 met the 300 point goal. 
  • Participants averaged 64 gratitude expressions (out of a possible 84 days)
  • Participants averaged 64 of 84 breakfasts logged.
  • 399 participated on a team 

The Top FOUR teams won a free lunch together on campus.

  • Psych Sci Supreme
  • High Anxiety
  • ARC Fit Crew
  • SOMebodies

There were 30 individual prize winners pulled from a random selection of those who successfully complete the journey.

  • FIVE received a free month at One to One Fitness or Next Level Fitness
  • TWENTY-FIVE received a 55 cm stability ball