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Health Trails

Health Trails

Join Us for Health Trails!

HealthTrails is a 12-week exercise incentive program that draws on the excitement of seeing and learning about new places and people by tracing famous trails around the world. It is a fun, free way to encourage your to get moving and to earn your physical activity wellness incentive at the end of the year.

How does it work?

Each time you record a HealthTrails activity you move along the trail. As you progress, you’ll see great images and vivid descriptions of that location as if you’re right there. It’s a fun, effective way to track health habits because you actually see your progress each time you record an activity.

What is the program goal?

Your goal is to travel 600+ virtual miles along the trails — you have 11 to choose from (with distances of 148-467 miles). If you record at least 30 minutes of exercise a day/5 days a week, drink 48-80 ounces of water/5 days week, take two 2-minute time outs daily/5 nights a week, you’ll reach 600 miles easily. And you can add to your mileage by taking the daily Tip Test. Aim for at least 50 miles a week to achieve the goal in 12 weeks.

When does the program start?

You may begin recording activity on January 23.

Why should you participate in Health Trails?

In addition to being a fun way to improve your health and fitness, Health Trails:

  • fulfills the criteria for the physical activity program incentive
  • five free visits to 121 Fitness Center for all registrants
  • an on-campus catered lunch for the top three teams
  • 15 randomly selected participants who successfully travel 600 virtual miles over the 12 weeks will receive a Bluetooth speaker media stand
  • Five randomly selected finishers will receive a five-visit gift certificate for small group training at 121 Fitness

Who won?

HealthTrails wrapped up on April 16, 2017

Team winners were:

  1. Making It Rain-  captain Mike Dolsak
  2. The Conquering Cuties - captain Celena Howard
  3. Linsalata Winsalata - captain Kelly Kribel

Check out the Conquering Cuties!

And here is Team Linsalata Winsalata at their winner's lunch!

Individual Winners, Bluetooth Speaker:

  1. Prashansa Agrawal
  2. Ann Boughner
  3. Lorrie Calabrese
  4. Emil Chuck
  5. Jessica Cooke-Baily
  6. Shelley Curtain
  7. Mike Dolsak
  8. Audrey Kinsella
  9. Sandra Livingston
  10. Angie Love
  11. Elizabeth Morrison
  12. Lakshmeswari Ravi
  13. JC Sharf-Deering

Individual Winners, 5 class pass for Small Group Training at 121 Fitness or Uptown Cycle:

  1. Donna Ertin
  2. Kaitlyn Hendershot
  3. Rebecca Mansell
  4. Caitlin Proctor-Frazier
  5. Vanessa Rotondo