Walker on gravel path

Walk This Way

Walking a little can go a long way, just 30 minutes a day can help you burn fat and lose weight. Check out our 1,2 and 3 mile campus walking maps. If the winter weather makes setting a brisk, safe pace a challenge, head to the indoor track at Veale for a mid day walk.

Healthy Worksite 2021 Gold Award

Award Winning Wellness Program

The CWRU Wellness Program is pleased to report that we were awarded the 2021 Healthy Workplace Gold Medal, for the fourth straight year! This award recognizes Ohio employers who demonstrate commitment to wellness through comprehensive worksite health promotion and wellness programs.


A summer 2021 Reflection Point participant shared, "“The program is definitely worthwhile. It is a unique and special experience to read these books with others and
connect through our discussions.”

A fall 2021 Work HappinessTM participant shared, "“I am now checking in with my supervisor more and we are having very productive conversations and understanding each other better through various lenses of dialogue."

Off Campus Resources

The CWRU Wellness Program offers a variety of opportunities for participants to earn the Wellness Program Incentive on campus and online. However, there are off-site opportunities that may meet the criteria as well.  These include programs offered through health insurance carrier Medical Mutual of Ohio, as well as community recreation centers, online classes with Avidon Health (SelfHelpWorks), and more.