The Building Information Database is a web-based database that houses information on Case Western Reserve University building's ranging from basic information, such as address and date built/demolished, to an advanced list of projects showing the history and development of each building over time. All the information within the database is searchable and sortable for ease of use.

Architectural Projects

This tab allows users to view all the projects that have been completed within University buildgins. Each project can be searched and sorted by key criteria such as, drawing date, building name, project name or Architectural Firm that completed the project.

Box List

A complete list of boxes containing project information submitted at the end of the project such as O&M manuals, warranties and other relevant information. The boxes are sorted by the specific project they are linked to.


This tab has a direct link and supplies information to the Case Western Reserve University map website. Each building can be searched and sorted by key criteria such as, building addres, built date, building use, common aliases, etc.

Case Western Reserve University

Home Screen - Screen Capture

This screen capture shows the home screen and aligned at the top are the tabs that are used to navigate through the database.
-click the image for a larger view-