The Society for Critical Exchange

Con/texts of Invention:
A working conference

April 20-23, 2006
Case Western Reserve University
Cleveland, Ohio


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Click linked titles below to download full conference papers. This page will be updated as papers become available.

Amy Adler, Invention and Originality in the Law of Obscenity

Aaron Alcorn, The Wondrous Childhood of the Wright Brothers: Twentieth-Century Fictions of Inventive Boyhood

Jane Anderson and Kathy Bowrey, The Imaginary Politics of Access to Knowledge

Keith Aoki, The Rise of Intellectual Property Rights in Seed Germplasm

Debbora Battaglia, Happenstantial Authorship: The Element of Surprise in Faith-Based Human Cloning

Maurizio Borghi and Maria Lillà Montagnani, Positive Copyright and Creative Commons Licenses: How to Make a Marriage Work

Oren Bracha, The Fuel of Interest and the Fire of Genius

James Brooke-Smith, Thomas Edison and the Forms of Invention

Emily Clark, Problem(s) with Copyright for Native American Oral Traditions

Gabriella Coleman, Codes of Value: Hacker Pragmatics, Poetics, and Selfhood.

Rosemary Coombe and Andrew Herman, "Your Second Life? Goodwill and the Performativity of Intellectual Property in Online Games"

Peter DiCola, An Economic Model of Sampling, Cover Versions, and Musical Collage

Graham Dutfield and Uma Suthersanen, Creation Myths: Mapping Originality in Space and Time

Niva Elkin-Koren, Creative Commons: A Skeptical View of a Worthy Pursuit

Jonathan Entin, Ghostwriting, Pro Se Litigants, and the Legal Culture of Plagiarism

Allison Fish, The Commodification and Exchange of Knowledge: Transnational Yoga

Catherine Fisk, Screen Credit for Everyon

Peter Friedman, What is a Judicial Author

Jane Gaines, Film and the Ingenuity of Genre

Lisa Gitelman, Reinventing the Wheel: Classification on and of Digital Networks

Lewis Hyde, Frames from the Framers

Paul Israel, The Flash of Genius: Defining Invention in the Era of Corporate Research

Elizabeth Judge, Eighteenth-Century Fan Fiction and Copyright Law

Jonathan Kahn, Rac-ing Patents/Patenting Race: An Emerging Political Geography of Intellectual Property in Biomedicine

Hyo Y. Kang, Invention and Agency in Patent Law

Christopher Kelty, EMACS, grep, and UNIX: Authorship, Invention and Translation in Software

Bettyann Holtzmann Kevles and Ellen Levy, Images of Innovation: Art and Visual Culture in Patent Drawings. Chart 1. Chart 2. Chart 3. Chart 4.

Daniel Kevles, Breeding, Ownership, and Agriculture: Nineteenth-Century Origins of Intellectual Property in Animals and Plants

Roberta Kwall, Inspiration and Innovation

Tim Lenoir and Eric Giannella, Networks of Innovation: The Emergence and Diffusion of DNA Microarray Technology

Evelyn Lincoln, Margins of Invention: Re-dedicating Women's Prints in Early Modern Italy

Francesco Lissoni and Fabio Montobbio, Co-inventors and Co-authors: A Quantitative Analysis of Patent-Publication Pairs

Joe Loewenstein, Runaway Bride: Self-Possession and the Conditions of Intellectual Property

Christine MacLeod, Heroes of the Industrial Revolution, Defenders of the Pax Britannica:
Constructing Inventors in Victorian Britain

Daniel Margocsy, Advertising Cadavers in the Republic of Letters

Lisa Maruca, Copy-Write:   Eighteenth-Century Educational Technologies of Imitation and Invention

Robert Miles, Originality and the Law: The Case of W.H. Ireland's Shakespeare Forgeries

Carolyn Miller, Novelty, Decorum, and the Commodification of Invention in the Renaissance

Dorothy Noyes, From Homeric Epic to Open-Source Software:
Towards a Network Model of Invention

David W. Opderbeck, The Penguin's Paradox: The Political Economy of International Intellectual Property and the Paradox of Open Source

Alain Pottage and Brad Sherman, Inventive Artefacts: The Legal Agency of Plants

Bill Rankin, Bureaucracy at a Glance: Visual Evidence in U.S. Patents, 1790-2005

Michael Rectenwald, "Ours and For Us": Invention and Working Class Power in the British Useful Knowledge Movement

Clifford Siskin and William Warner, Technology and Invention: Communication Systems and the Problem of Technodeterminism

Kara Swanson, Professionalizing Ghostwriting:   Patents and the Authorship of Invention in the Nineteenth Century United States

Alex Wellerstein, Patenting the Bomb: Nuclear Weapons and/as Intellectual Property

Brenda Wojnowski, ©®EA TM :   Intellectual Property Education Contest and Resource Guides for Grades 2-12

Martha Woodmansee, Publishers, Privateers, Pirates: Eighteenth-Century German Book Piracy Revisited

Peter Yu, Of Monks, Medieval Scribes, and Middlemen



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