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Collaborations and Partnerships

Through our collaborations and partnerships, we connect multi-national and international agencies to enhance a unified approach to our tuberculosis research. Through our international collaboration with Uganda, our unit has served as a resource to help promote and expand activities in Uganda, across disciplines at CWRU and with other partners.

30th ANNIVERSARY EVENTS of the Uganda-CWRU Research Collaboration:

October 24, 2018, WVIZ "Ideas" hosted by Rick Jackson, featured Drs. Peter Mugenyi and Robert Salata:

October 25, 2018, a panel discussion on "How decades of success battling HIV/AIDS can help shape the future" featured Drs. P)eter Mugyenyi, Harriet Mayanja-Kizza and Robert Salata and moderated by Mr. John corlett, Director of The Center for Community Solutions:

October 26, 2018, a symposium at CWRU's School of Medicine was held presenting past, present and future plans in recognition of the 30th anniversary of the Uganda-CWRU Research Collaboration. The recorded symposium link is: Collaboration Sym Part 1; Collaboration Sym Part 2; Collaboration Sym Part 3

March 27, 2019, a day long symposium and celebration will be held in Kampala, Uganda. Details coming soon.

The Uganda-CWRU Research Collaboration began in 1986 after a Presidential invitation to the late Dr. Frederick C. Robbins, CWRU Professor and Nobel Laureate, to visit Uganda and assist with the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Dr. Robbins’ vision of a multi-disciplinary research collaboration on HIV/AIDS and its complications officially began with grant funding from the U.S. National Institutes of Health in 1988.  The Collaboration has since then evolved into a multi-project, multi-disciplinary research organization funded by US and European grants to investigators at Makerere University, Joint Clinical Research Centre and CWRU.  From the beginning, the Collaboration’s focus has been to build capacity and provide training through research on HIV/AIDS and TB, and thereby improve care.  The Collaboration’s diverse disciplines include epidemiology, biomedical sciences, clinical trials, nursing, anthropology and bioethics with recent expansions into biomedical engineering, cancer and cardiovascular disease. Training has been key for the Collaboration with former trainees now in leadership positions in Ugandan Ministries, Universities, and NGOs.  The Collaboration is proud to have contributed to Uganda’s emergence as leader in biomedical research and training.  Collaborative ties between Uganda and CWRU remain strong and continue to grow.

2016 Uganda-CWRU Anthropology-Engineering team - collaboration of Makerere and CWRU's social scientists and biomedical engineering faculty and students