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Webcast (Beta)


From time to time, the department of cognitive science may attempt to webcast a colloquium. The system for webcasting is in beta version and we have not perfected it, but so far it seems to be working. We will place a note on the Cogsci Colloquium webpage next to any colloquium we hope to webcast.

To view a webcast, execute the following steps well in advance of the webcast:

  1. Direct your browser to
  2. Download and install the Client Components. This will create a Scopia application on your computer.
  3. Ensure that Quicktime is installed on your computer. The webcast uses Quicktime.
  4. Send a message to asking for the Meeting ID number of the meeting for the specific webcast. You will need to provide this Meeting ID number to the Scopia Desktop to watch the webcast.
  5. Perhaps 15 minutes before the webcast is set to begin, direct your browser to, click on the middle tab labeled "Watch Webcast," and type in the Meeting ID number you have been given.


  1. If you do not see the webcast, it may be that the controller of the colloquium has not yet enabled streaming webcast for the colloquium. Try again closer to the time of the colloquium.
  2. Your experience will be better on a computer with a wired connection to the web. E.g., we recommend that you connect your computer to the internet via ethernet rather than wirelessly.