Global Dialogue Cafe
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The Global Dialogue Cafe:

A joint project of Cisco Systems, CWRU’s Information Technology Services, and the Laura and Alvin Siegal Lifelong Learning Program at CWRU

The Global Dialogue Cafe offers an exciting experience for connecting “communities of interest” around the world with international experts in a wide range of subject areas. As opposed to the “passive” educational opportunities available through podcasts, MOOCs, and other more typical online modalities, the technology platform for this project encourages fully interactive engagement from all participants. The Café provides an informal setting for interested individuals to participate actively with others in their local community, as well as at partner locations around the world, in faculty-facilitated discussion on topics of interest to the general community.

The technology platform is a High-Definition multi-point videoconferencing network developed by Cisco Systems and managed by the IT Services office of Case Western Reserve University. The pilot program will be initiated on the CWRU campus with partner “café” venues in Lisbon, London, and Paris. As a program open to the general public, the pilot sessions will be offered in the “lunchtime” 1:00 pm slot in the Eastern American time zone, which will correlate with early evening (“happy hour”) time slot of Western Europe and slightly later in the evening farther east in Europe and the Middle East. Each partner café will manage its own technology and provide an on-site facilitator.

Laura and Alvin Siegal Lifelong Learning Program at CWRU

pilot program

The pilot program consists of four sessions offered once a month on subject areas with broad public interest and appropriate faculty expertise at CWRU (or its affiliate institutions) to facilitate conversation.  The overarching theme of the 4 sessions is contemporary ethics with practical applications.

The basic program outline

  • Session I (February 25, 2014)
    Military Ethics in an age of “virtual” war – Shannon French
  • Session II (March 27) - (RSVP for the event)
    Global Corporate Ethics in China– Steve Feldman
  • Session III (April 30)
    End of Life Issues and the Ethics of Euthanasia – Stuart Youngner
  • Session IV
    Ethical Challenges in the Artworld – (TBA)

Session III - Details

April 30, 2014 - In the following times and locations:

1:00 pm EDT, Cleveland, OH
Kelvin Smith Library, CWRU Campus

6:00 pm GMT, Lisbon, Portugal
The Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Av. de Berna, 45A 1067-001 Lisboa, Portugal

6:00 pm GMT, London, UK
Hub Westminster - 1st floor New Zealand House - 80 Haymarket - London SW1Y 4TE, United Kingdom

7:00 pm GMT+1, Paris, France
Centre Culturel Calouste Gulbenkian 39, bd de La Tour Maubourg 75007 Paris, France

Join Stuart Younger, Chair, Department of Bioethics

End of Life Issues and the Ethics of Euthanasia

The widespread use of life-sustaining technology has faced patients, families, and health professionals with the realization that, sometimes, death is the least worst alternative. This has lead to widespread acceptance (in most Western countries) of the notion that life-sustaining treatment can be limited. This acceptance has, in turn, raised questions about the permissability of physician-assisted suicide and euthanasia. This session will discuss these issues from a moral and cultural perspective.