HSA Enrollment

When you enroll in the High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) medical insurance option, BNY Mellon will be notified of your health insurance plan enrollment and send a new account welcome kit. The welcome kit will provide instructions for activating the Health Savings Account (HSA). Accounts can be activated online by visiting the website mybenefitwallet.com; for assistance with the activation process, please call 877-472-4200.

Once the account is activated with BNY Mellon a debit card will be issued. The welcome kit also contains a signature card (the signature card is also available online); you will receive a checkbook for use with your account if the signature card is returned.

If you choose to open a HSA with another financial institution, you will need to inquire with the institution about the process for opening a new account.

Activating Your BNY Mellon HSA Online

To activate your account on the website mybenefitwallet.com, you must register first for online access by selecting the “First Time User” link and following the prompts to complete the registration process. A step-by-step instruction guide is available for reference. For further assistance with the activation process, please call 877-472-4200.


More information about HSAs is available by navigating through the above sections. Internal Revenue Service guidance on HSAs is available in IRS Publication 969 . BNY Mellon has a list of HSA Frequently Asked Questions too. Please contact Benefits Administration at 216.368.6964 or AskHR@case.edu if you have questions or need assistance.