Child Care Benefits - Child Care Support During Travel

Child care can become particularly challenging when a parent must take a trip for work or study - for example, a conference, a research opportunity, or out-of-town meeting. Inspired by a successful model operated through the ACES program, the President's committee recommended launching a campus-wide initiative. As a result, the university has established a new fund to support additional costs of care. These resources can support care for a child who travels to the event, or for the child at home while the adult travels.

Please read the program's procedures page for full details.

Who is eligible to receive this benefit?

All students and benefits-eligible faculty and staff may participate in this program.

How do I apply for the benefit?

An application form should be submitted when the need for child care during professional travel is known. The professional/business purpose of the travel must be substantiated, including appropriate authorization from:

  • Department Chair for faculty members
  • Supervisor for staff employees
  • Faculty Advisor for students

Please include in the application the anticipated schedule of care.

What is the amount of benefit I can receive?

The actual cost of child care will be reimbursed up to $100 per day during domestic travel and up to $150 per day during international travel. The maximum cumulative benefit is $1,000 per family. Please note that the reimbursement is a taxable benefit.

When will I receive my reimbursement for child care expenses?

The reimbursement payment will be made after the professional travel is completed. Appropriate documentation of the child care expenses and of the travel must be submitted in order to receive reimbursement.