Retirement Plans

Exempt and Nonexempt Staff Employees

Retirement Plan B (Employees hired prior to July 1, 2015). Provides a monthly retirement pension with an option for a lump sum cash payment for benefits accrued after July 1, 1992. Annual accrual cash balance is based on 7 percent of the employee's earning for the fiscal year (July 1 - June 30). Interest is compounded annually based on the five-year U.S. Treasury Bill rate as of the last trade date in June of the prior fiscal year, with a guaranteed minimum of 6 percent.

Staff are eligible after one year of service with CWRU or upon employment with at least one year of service from another university or related research institution. Benefits vest after three years of service. Further details are provided in Staff Retirement Plan B: An investment in your future.

Special Notice to Retirement Plan B Participants

Print the CWRU Staff Employees Retirement Plan (Plan B) Summary Plan Description (pdf)

Print the CWRU Staff Employees Retirement Plan (Plan B) document (pdf)

Print the Plan B 2016-2017 Annual Funding Notice (pdf)