H-1B Visa, Temporary Workers with Specialty Occupations

H-1B's have a maximum stay of six years in the United States. Initial appointments may not exceed three years; minimum stay at Case is six months.

There many significant differences between the H-1B visa and the J-1 visa for researchers, including professors. Depending on your circumstances, one or the other could be the better option for you. Review a comparison of H-1B and J-1 visas.

Employers who terminate the employment of an H-1B before the authorized stay expires are liable for paying reasonable cost for the individual to return to their home country.

H-1B Procedures (pdf)

Recommendation for Appointment of Temporary Worker (H-1B, Specialty Occupations) (pdf)

Information Needed from a Foreign Visitor (H-1B) (pdf)

Rider to Form I-129 (H-1B petition) (pdf)

I-539, Instructions and link to Application To Extend/Change Nonimmigrant Status >>