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Continuing Students

Retaining Financial Aid

Applying for Aid as a Continuing Student

To qualify for financial aid consideration for the following school year, CWRU students who receive need-based financial aid from the university, including grants, Federal Work-Study, or any university or federal loans must apply by for financial aid by completing the FAFSA, CWRU Financial Aid Form (available from the My Financial Aid portal) and any other required forms by May 15.

Log in to My Financial Aid view your required documents. 

Meeting Minimum Standards

Students who are awarded scholarships based on academic achievement or potential by Case Western Reserve University are expected to perform at an appropriate academic level and maintain good conduct in the community. Review the criteria for scholarship retention.

Case Western Reserve University has established the following guidelines for determining satisfactory academic progress for the purpose of awarding financial assistance.

An undergraduate student must satisfy the minimum number of semester hours and earn the minimum cumulative grade point average listed in the table below. A half-time student must have successfully completed one half of the minimum number of semester hours with at least the minimum cumulative grade point average indicated below:

Year at
Semester Hours
1 21 2.00
2 43 2.00
3 67 2.00
4 91 2.00
5 115 2.00
6 139 2.00

Federal and state grants may be available on a pro-rated basis for less than full-time enrollment. Federal Pell Grants, federal loans and work-study are available for half-time enrollment (six hours during the regular semester and three hours during the summer session). Students should contact the Office of University Financial Aid for specific information when contemplating a reduced course load.

Should the student fail to maintain satisfactory academic progress, the student will be placed on Financial Aid Warning. A student continues to receive aid while on Financial Aid Warning, but will have his or her case reviewed each semester until satisfactory progress is regained. After one semester of Warning, the student will be placed on Financial Aid Suspension if not restored to good academic standing. Students on Financial Aid Suspension are ineligible for federal aid. They may be eligible for one semester of institutional grant. Students can seek an academic plan to regain eligibility.  

For more information on these stages, please contact the Office of University Financial Aid.