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Dependents of Faculty/Staff from Case Western Reserve (Exports)

Tuition Exchange Scholarships cover full tuition, one-half tuition for a non-resident at a public institution or a rate set by the Tuition Exchange. They do not cover special fees, course overloads, or room and board charges. For 2016–2017, private institutions that charge more than $34,000 for tuition are permitted to award less than their full tuition, but not less than the set rate of $34,000.

Who is eligible?

Tuition Exchange is limited to first-time first-year students who meet the dependent child criteria defined in the Faculty/Staff Tuition Benefit requirements. The faculty or staff member must be currently employed by the university and have completed two years of continuous service by the first day of Case Western Reserve University's fall term for the year in which the student intends to enroll (e.g. must have 2 years of service by Aug. 29, 2016 to be eligible for academic year 2016–17). Eligibility is verified each year.

Are all eligible students guaranteed a scholarship?

Tuition Exchange Scholarships are not guaranteed, nor is admission guaranteed at member institutions. Dependent students of CWRU faculty and staff will be evaluated for admission and awarded Tuition Exchange Scholarships based on the criteria of the university to which they are applying.

How many semesters does the scholarship cover?

Tuition Exchange Scholarships certified by Case Western Reserve University typically cover four years or eight semesters of undergraduate education, but you should check with the host college or university. Dependent children are eligible to receive up to eight combined semesters of Tuition Exchange Scholarship and Faculty/Staff Tuition Benefit, so utilization of a Tuition Exchange Scholarship reduces a dependent child's benefit available under the Faculty/Staff Tuition Benefit program.

Application Procedure

1. Establish eligibility by completing the Eligibility Certification form [PDF] and returning the form along with any additional required documents to Human Resources in Crawford Hall, Room 224.

2. Complete the Tuition Exchange application [PDF] and return it along with your returned Eligibility Certification to the Office of University Financial Aid in Yost Hall, Room 435

[NOTE: Both the Certification of Eligibility and Tuition Exchange application must be received by April 1 of the previous academic year (e.g. must be received by April 1, 2016 for students beginning August 2016)]

3. The Office of University Financial aid will submit your documents to the colleges/universities you have listed on the Tuition Exchange application [PDF]‌.

4. Apply for admission to the host colleges/universities you have listed on the Tuition Exchange application. Pay careful attention to deadlines at the host institutions, as these often differ from regular admission deadlines.

The host school or schools will evaluate your student application. The number of scholarships offered, selection process and notification date are determined by the host school.

Students should be notified of their admission status by May 1. If you have not heard from a specific school or want additional information, contact the school directly about the Tuition Exchange Scholarships at that institution.

5. If your student is awarded a Tuition Exchange Scholarship, notify the CWRU Tuition Liason Officer in the Office of University Financial Aid of your acceptance or refusal of the award as soon as you have made your decision and no later than May 15, 2016.

Scholarship Renewal

A student awarded the Tuition Exchange Scholarship must meet the minimum academic standards of the school attended for continuation of the award, and the student must abide by all regulations of the institution of enrollment.

Continued receipt of the scholarship requires an annual certification of eligibility by CWRU to the host institution. If there is a change in the student’s enrollment (i.e. withdrawal from classes, early graduation, etc.) the CWRU employee must notify the Tuition Exchange Liaison Officer at Case Western Reserve University. 

The annual certification will be completed in the summer. The Tuition Exchange Liaison Officer will confirm the parent’s continued eligibility with Human Resources and contact each recipient of a Tuition Exchange Scholarship to confirm the student’s continued undergraduate enrollment at the host school. If the student’s school requires earlier notification, the student or parent must contact the Office of Human Resources and the Tuition Exchange Liaison Officer. 

If an employee ceases to be employed by Case Western Reserve University while the dependent is receiving a Tuition Exchange Scholarship from another institution, the student will retain the award for the academic year. The student’s eligibility will terminate at the conclusion of the academic year.

Questions concerning the Tuition Exchange Program should be directed to the Office of University Financial Aid at or 216.368.4530. 

Questions concerning employee eligibility should be directed to Benefits Administration at or 216.368-6781.