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Grace's Story

Grace Cammarn was at church when she decided to come to Case Western Reserve.

It wasn't a matter of divine intervention, but rather an online connection.

A high school senior at the time, Grace had just finished volunteering and posted up in front of her laptop.

"I was just waiting for the email," she remembers, "and kept clicking refresh."

When her inbox finally showed a new message, she clicked it open. The first line Grace read said she was admitted. But she couldn't celebrate quite yet.

Finally, she spotted her most essential information: the figure for financial assistance.

Grace began jumping up and down. Then running through the church. Anyone she saw heard the news: She was going to Case Western Reserve.

Almost two years later, Grace is even more glad about her choice—and grateful to those whose generosity made it possible for her to enroll.

"[The scholarship] makes a huge difference as to whether somebody can come here," she said.

Originally an engineering major, Grace started to reconsider after attending a few meetings of the Student Sustainability Council. She was able to spend time at the University Farm and participated in other council events. Ultimately, she realized she wanted to do more—not only on campus but in the world.

Grace plans to pursue a career that combines her classroom knowledge, her extracurricular experiences and lessons learned from living in Cleveland. She aspires to work in urban green space design, and is particularly interested in urban farms. She's seen firsthand the impact that those rows of fruit and vegetable plants can have on local residents' ability to find affordable, nutritious food.

"That's another big way CWRU has affected me," she says. "It's where I learned what I really love."

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