The vision for the College of Arts and Sciences

The College of Arts and Sciences is poised to build on its national reputation in scholarship, scientific inquiry and creative endeavor. To this end, the campaign will support the recruitment of exceptional students and faculty, the enhancement of educational and research initiatives, and the revitalization of key facilities.

Campaign Goal $170 million

Student Support
Undergraduate and graduate students enjoy vibrant experiences in the College of Arts and Sciences. They benefit from the mentoring of expert professors, exciting research projects and innovative joint programs with University Circle institutions. Too often, however, qualified students aren’t able to take advantage of these opportunities because financial constraints keep them from attending Case Western Reserve. By securing significant new support for scholarships and graduate fellowships, the college will be able to compete for the nation’s most promising talent.

Faculty Support
The college’s more than 250 faculty members engage in pioneering research across 75 disciplines and on each of the seven continents. The college now seeks to increase the size, visibility and strength of its faculty by providing startup funding and continued support to attract and retain eminent scientists and scholars. The campaign also will allow the college to create additional endowed chairs, especially in interdisciplinary fields, for distinguished faculty members who will advance education and research.

Programmatic Support
The College of Arts and Sciences seeks to strengthen its high-profile departments and those poised to achieve greater national distinction. At the same time, it aims to establish new areas of excellence that cross disciplinary boundaries, creating new avenues to address the world’s most pressing concerns. Reaching these goals requires targeted investments in faculty research, expansion of existing departments and programs, and the creation of named interdisciplinary centers.

To learn more about supporting campaign initiatives at the College of Arts and Sciences, please contact the Office of Development and External Relations at 800.360.5308 or

Timothy K. Beal, PhD, Florence Harkness Professor of Religion (center)
“This campaign arrives during a period of enormous opportunity for the College of Arts and Sciences and the university. By participating in the campaign, our alumni and friends will play a critical role in increasing the stature, reach and impact of the college for the good of the world.”

—Cyrus C. Taylor, PhD, dean and Albert A. Michelson Professor in Physics, College of Arts and Sciences