The vision for the Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences

As the model for professional social work education nationally, the Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences shapes public policy and standards of practice across the country and is recognized around the world for promoting specialized learning and advocating social change. Campaign support will allow the school to increase scholarships, advance community partnerships and retain dedicated faculty.

Campaign Goal $30 million

Programmatic Support
The Mandel School is committed to sending its graduates into the field, ready to assist people, improve neighborhoods and change the world. The school’s innovative curriculum is critical to achieving this commitment. The Ability- Based Learning Environment promotes eight unique competencies that allow students to become self-directed social work professionals. Students pursue this educational path through social work practice, field experiences and professional development opportunities. Targeted philanthropic investments in faculty recruitment and library resources are critical to maintaining and enhancing this educational mission.

Student Support
The Mandel School consistently attracts social work professionals who have made a commitment to the discipline and who are both professionally and personally driven. In turn, the school is committed to helping them afford the training they need to make an immediate impact in the field. In fact, the Mandel School is the only social work school in the country to offer a guaranteed stipend for field placement. Stipends allow the school’s students to perform more than 200,000 hours of community service and hold more than 250 field placements annually—the equivalent of more than $5.25 million in social services added to the region’s economy. Philanthropic support will address student needs along each step of their educational journey and support their decisions to pursue careers in social work practice and policy.

Research Support
The Mandel School’s faculty is ranked seventh in scholarly productivity among U.S. schools of social work. Educators at the Mandel School work collaboratively to solve social problems, conducting research that reveals connections and causal relationships in order to better understand and address today’s most daunting societal issues. This research enhances the reputation of the Mandel School nationally and improves the quality of life of the entire community. To attract and retain top faculty, the school needs a range of tools to support their work, including endowed chairs, research fellowships, and funds for conferences and symposia.

To learn more about supporting campaign initiatives at the Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences, please contact Associate Dean Nora Hennessy in the Office of Development and Alumni Relations at 216.368.2311.

Mark I. Singer, PhD, Leonard W. Mayo Professor of Family and Child Welfare (right)
“As we approach the school’s 100th anniversary, it is essential to remember that social work is about people. We help individuals and improve communities by educating and training diverse, compassionate people. This campaign will enable us to support our commitment to our students and our community for the next 100 years.”

—Grover C. Gilmore, PhD, dean and professor, Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences