The vision for the Weatherhead School of Management

Nationally recognized for its innovative approach to business education, the Weatherhead School of Management is reimagining management science for the benefit of individual enterprise and the global community. The campaign will allow the school to continue its competitive recruitment of a strong student body, while helping it to attract high-caliber faculty, expand its curricular reach, and invest in departments and research centers that will keep the Weatherhead School at the forefront of business education in the United States and around the world.

Campaign Goal $60 million

Build a Strong and Diverse Student Body
As the forces of technology and globalization continue to move business practices forward, the Weatherhead School helps students prepare for an evolving landscape by teaching them to manage by designing and to build sustainable enterprises. As a result, Weatherhead School graduates are ready to add immediate value to their organizations, their communities and the world. This vibrant student experience requires a range of financial resources, mentorship experiences, speakers and cornerstone events to bring programs to life. Critical areas of philanthropic support include scholarships to recruit a strong and diverse student body, stipends for internships and program funds.

Recruit and Retain Faculty
Weatherhead School faculty members are internationally diverse; they are industry and academic leaders; and they are editors of major management publications. Their research draws on interdisciplinary collaboration from within the school and across campus, producing new knowledge and continuously developing the school’s programs. Endowed chairs offer status, stability and research support essential to retaining current faculty and recruiting top talent. Distinguished faculty fellowships bring top-notch researchers to campus to lecture, teach hands-on projects and build community around emerging ideas.

Expand Curricular Reach
An innovative curriculum is essential to infusing interdisciplinary perspective in the Weatherhead School’s programs and to providing faculty, students and alumni with the resources they need to excel in a global marketplace. Philanthropic support of centers, programs and departments, as well as unique opportunities to name cutting-edge courses, will strengthen educational opportunities.

To learn more about supporting campaign initiatives at the Weatherhead School of Management, please contact the Office of External Relations at 216.368.0358 or

Richard E. Boyatzis, PhD, Distinguished University Professor and H.R. Horvitz Professor of Family Business (right)
“An investment in the Weatherhead School of Management is an investment in people. This campaign provides an opportunity to support a new generation of leaders to manage across all disciplines with a forward-thinking perspective that seeks both profitability and value for society.”

—Charles D. Fowler (MGT ’90) chair, Weatherhead School of Management campaign committee; trustee, Case Western Reserve University