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Annual gifts help inspire every day achievements and move the university forward.

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Jeff Verespej, CWR '07, MGT'11:

“I support CWRU because it has a tremendous impact on the person I am today. Through the influences that shaped me inside and outside the classroom, I became more aware of the world around me and my place in it. I am forever grateful to CWRU for fostering an environment that allowed me to grow personally, academically, and professionally. My involvement is a thank you and a commitment to ensure that the future generations of CWRU students will have even better experiences than what I had.”

Jess Malone, CWR '10:

"I give because I'm grateful! I learned of my passions at Case Western Reserve, found my first love, made lasting friends and was given the tools to be successful. To this day as an alumna, the prestige of Case Western Reserve University opens doors for me to meet powerful people and explore amazing professional opportunities. As a past scholarship recipient, I give back to support scholarship programs so Case can touch others in the same way it touched me."

Julia Golden, CWR '09:

“I'm “in” with CWRU because I had a great undergraduate experience. Scholarships I received in order to attend CWRU helped me start off on the right foot and I consider my annual donation a "Thank you" for making my education possible!”

Minh-Tri Nguyen, CWR '11:

“I give back to CWRU in the same manner others have given in the past. Without the support of those alumni donors I believe my experience as a CWRU undergraduate would have been less memorable, enjoyable and successful. So I choose to give back and be part of the “in” crowd to help create the same opportunities for someone else at CWRU today.”

Neil Ursic, CWR '08:

“I give to the Annual Fund because I love being a part of the great growth taking place at CWRU. As I travel, I find year after year the name "Case Western Reserve" increases in recognition. CWRU has always been an outstanding institution, and I like being a part of helping it continue to be both successful and competitive. Giving back is part of my life; the generosity of the entire “in” crowd goes a long way in securing a bright future for CWRU.”

Rhonda Debevec, LAW '97:

“I choose to be “in” with CWRU in order to express my gratitude and to help the legal profession. The legal education I received at CWRU enabled me to secure an enriching and engaging career as a trial lawyer. For that, I owe the school a debt of gratitude that can never be fully repaid. My contributions are the least I can do for the school that made my dreams of becoming a trial lawyer and helping clients a reality.”

Susan Turk, CWR '02:

“I give back to CWRU because I'll always be thankful for the scholarship that made it possible for me to receive a first-class college education. CWRU is full of brilliant faculty who are constantly innovating and keeping students on the cutting edge. I know that my gift to CWRU helps keep this work going and makes opportunities accessible to more students. I'm also glad to know that my donation helps support CWRU's important contributions to the Cleveland community, where I grew up. Years ago, CWRU counted on its alumni to help support my classmates and me, and they came through for us. Today, by choosing to be “in” with CWRU, I can do my part to continue that tradition.”

Tom Creegan, CWR '09:

“I give back to express my appreciation for the education and training I received at CWRU. Also, I am pleased with the changes the University has made recently to improve student life and the overall student experience. I am proud to be an alum and believe alumni support is critical to advance the University's standing among peer schools and to continue its legacy.”

Valbona Bushi, CWR '08:

“I first started to learn about what leadership is and the characteristics of a leader while at CWRU and the main thing that stuck with me is that leaders must walk their talk. I had a great college experience which was thanks to so many others that gave their time and resources to me and fellow students. So as I look back on my story I must also continue to support the University as other alumni have continually done in the past. I give back through my time and through annual gifts so that current students can get the same or an even better experience at CWRU.”

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What does it mean to be in?

in is a movement toward a culture of involvement and support. Being "in" means giving back to help move your university forward. Your annual gift to Case Western Reserve University—in any amount—makes it happen.

Annual alumni contributions are more important than you might realize. Tuition only covers about 70 percent of the actual cost of educating a CWRU undergraduate student. The support the Annual Fund provides each year is one of the few sources of income bridging the gap between tuition and the total operating budget.

In addition, 84 percent of all undergraduate students receive some type of financial aid. The Annual Fund allows us to provide scholarships, allowing CWRU to be as competitive as possible in recruiting the best and the brightest—regardless of their financial circumstances.

Beyond the importance of the gifts themselves, annual undergraduate participation in giving—to any fund in any amount—has a direct impact on the university's rankings. In fact, your continued support helped Case Western Reserve move up another position to 37th among national universities in U.S. News & World Report’s Best Colleges 2013 Edition!

So, ready to join the in crowd?

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    Gifts in any amount help keep the University competitive, successful and moving forward.

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    Gifts to the Parents Fund help support career programing, educational support services and experiential learning programs.

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    Generous support helps give CWRU students access to state-of-the-art equipment and cutting edge research.

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    Tuition only covers about 70% of an undergraduate education at CWRU. The Annual fund each year helps bridge the gap between tuition and the total operating budget.

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    Gifts to CWRU can help support the 80% of students who receive financial aid.

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    The Annual Fund helps support extracurricular activities that allow students to pursue all of their interests.

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    Annual Fund dollars help give athletic teams resources they need to succeed.

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