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180 Events from 180 Years: 1850s


Once again showing how duties and responsibilities changed over time, the Western Reserve College faculty voted to recommend that the Trustees "pass a law to this effect: If any undergraduate member of the College shall enter into the marriage relation, his connexion with the College shall thereby cease."


The first Western Reserve College Glee Club was formed.


Nancy Talbot Clark graduated from the Medical Department of Western Reserve College. She was the second woman in the United States to receive a regular medical degree.


Pictured is a photograph of the Western Reserve College campus. It was purchased in 8 parcels at a total cost of $1,238.11.



Western Reserve College faculty approved the establishment of prize declamations: "Voted: that Prof. Hosford be authorized to introduce a system of prize declamations; provided he become responsible for the expenses incurred. Wednesday evening before commencements was designated as the time. The privilege of awarding prizes was extended also to each of the other departments on the same conditions."



Henry L. Hitchcock was inaugurated as Western Reserve College's third president.


Levi Bodley Wilson was elected a trustee. A graduate of Western Reserve College in 1848, he was the first alumnus so elected. Pictured here is a page from the trustee minutes.


College laws regulated the behavior of students and the resulting disciplinary action, banning "all blasphemous, profane, and obscene language; intemperance, gambling, dissolute companionship…."



The Collegiate Record, the first student magazine, was published. For an annual price of $1.00 subscribers could read student essays, reviews, and poetry.


Originally the idea of the 2 literary societies at Western Reserve College, Tempus was a student event held off campus. The students had supper and performed music and skits, oftentimes poking fun at college life and their professors.


Information was compiled by staff of the Case Western Reserve Archives, February 2006.