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180 Events from 180 Years: 1860s


Medical Department graduation requirements included 3 years of study, a thesis, testimonials of "good moral character" and an examination. Those holding a Bachelor of Arts degree could be graduated after 2 years; and those who had been in practice for 4 years could graduate after 1 year.



The December 1862 issue of the student newspaper reported on Company B of the 85th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, raised from the students and faculty of Western Reserve College. While their main duty was guarding Confederate prisoners of war at Camp Chase, the students reported that they, "soon attained the enviable position of the best drilled company in Camp."


The first issue of the student newspaper, Western Reserve Souvenir was published. Its goal was "to provide a College Newspaper – one that shall contain all those College items of general interest, which, being deemed inappropriate to the regular Catalogue, would otherwise fail of reaching the public…"



The commencement concert featured orchestral and band music from mazurkas to waltzes and patriotic tunes.  Admission was $.25.


On the occasion of the U.S. presidential election, "College exercises were suspended on election day, that all who had attained their majority might give their verdict in favor of Law, Liberty and Union…"


Tickets were required for admission to classes in the Medical Department. The fee for all tickets for the term was $60. A promissory note for $70 (from the student with a co-signer), payable in 12 months, was also acceptable to pay the fee.



Allen Campbell Barrows, a graduate of Western Reserve College 1861, was the first alumnus to hold a professorship at the College. He was named to the chair of Mathematics and Natural Philosophy. Pictured here is a page from the trustee minutes.


The Literary societies' entertainment included music, orations, prayer, and formal debate.


Western Reserve College's first yearbook, the Occidentalia, was published.


The alumni reunion was held at the Weddell House in Cleveland. The event featured the Alma Mater, various toasts as well as a banquet – including 17 desserts!

Information was compiled by staff of the Case Western Reserve Archives, February 2006.