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The Laura and Alvin Siegal Lifelong Learning Program at Case Western Reserve University offers a wide variety of non-credit educational opportunities that draw from the broad academic disciplines of the University and the heritage of Jewish learning from Siegal College. Siegal Lifelong Learning creates a connection between the academic world and the general community. Through innovative and engaging courses and events, Siegal reaches lifelong learners of all ages at CWRU’s University Circle Campus, throughout greater Cleveland, and beyond, and sets a national standard for the highest quality university-based continuing education programming. We provide opportunities for the public to interact with internationally renowned scholars, to share in their cutting edge research, and to be involved in the ongoing conversation of our histories, current events, and our collective future. Newcomers as well as longtime friends and alumni of CWRU have access to unique educational and social opportunities and experiences through the Siegal Lifelong Learning Program.


To provide high-quality non-credit adult education opportunities for residents of Northeast Ohio and beyond.


To set a national standard for the highest quality university-based continuing education program, enriching individuals’ lives and enhancing community life.


Education is a Lifelong Pursuit
We understand learning as an activity that engages and enriches individuals over the course of their lives.

Superior Instruction and Experience
Learning with experts and with peers nourishes individual lives and deepens the educational interaction.

We partner with organizations and institutions regionally, nationally, and internationally that share our values and commitment to excellence.

Scholarly Engagement
We work to bridge the gap between the walls of the university and the public, by facilitating faculty engagement with the broader community.

Civic Wellbeing
We believe that community education and adult education enhance economic and civic wellbeing.

Diversity of Choice
We strive to reach a wide sector of lifelong learners, whose interests and learning styles are broad and varied.

We endeavor to make Lifelong Learning opportunities accessible to as broad a constituency as possible in Northeast Ohio and beyond.

Executive Director's Message

Amazingly, it has been almost three years since we launched the Laura and Alvin Siegal Lifelong Learning Program at Case Western Reserve University. We could not be more pleased with the progress that we have made so far. Existing programs continue to grow and thrive, including Senior Scholars, Off-Campus Studies, Scholars on the Circle, the University Farm Partnership, and Jewish Studies from the legacy of Siegal College. Every semester since our inception, enrollment and participation in courses and activities has increased significantly. But, this initial success represents only the beginning. Our mission is to offer robust educational activities to our great community by engaging the intellectual resources of our world-class faculty at Case Western Reserve. Our goal is to offer programming in every discipline or area of study at the university—science, engineering, humanities, law, medicine, performing arts and more. We want to share the expertise and knowledge of our renowned scholars with the people of Northeast Ohio and beyond. Whether providing classes for personal enrichment, professional development or career advancement, the Siegal Lifelong Learning Program offers something for everyone. Our engaged learners include alumni, retired faculty and staff and members of the local community, allowing us to connect a broad audience to high quality lifelong learning courses, workshops, and lectures. We continue to think beyond the possible. Our vision of the future includes bringing innovative programming to individuals and communities around the globe. Through onsite instruction in a variety of local venues, educational travel experiences and expanding online learning opportunities, we will make this vision a reality.

Join us in realizing a strong and vibrant future for the Siegal Lifelong Learning Program.

Brian Amkraut
Executive Director,
The Laura and Alvin Siegal Lifelong Learning Program,
Case Western Reserve University