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Eastside Conversations

Eastside Conversations

Loosely fashioned after the popular City Club Forum, these sessions provide the community with a unique luncheon program once a month, in which contemporary issues are discussed. Led by local university faculty and laypeople, this forum provides participants the opportunity to engage in meaningful questions and conversations.

Join us for the full line-up of Eastside Conversations programs from noon-1:30pm on the following dates:


Friday, January 19
The Social and Cultural Origins of Anti-Semitism
Brian Amkraut


Friday, February 16
Lenny Goes To The Theatre
Don Rosenberg


Friday, March 16
The Common Mistakes Jews and Christians Make About Each Other
Amy-Jill Levine


Friday, April 20
Sexual Harassment: Is this a Watershed Moment or Just a Moment in Time?
Barbara Greenberg


Friday, May 18
Tell Me About Your Life: How a Historian Uses Stories About the Past 
Jeffrey Veidlinger


Landmark Centre | Lifelong Learning Members: $90; Nonmembers: $115 (lunch included) | REGISTER >

Friday, March 16 | noon–1:30 p.m.


Amy-Jill Levine, University Professor of New Testament and Jewish Studies and Mary Jane Werthan Professor of Jewish Studies at Vanderbilt Divinity School and College of Arts and Sciences


Some Christians view Judaism as proclaiming a God of wrath, xenophobic, money–loving, militaristic and misogynist; some Jews view Christianity as interested only in doctrine and not good works, a pagan myth, a misreading of the Tanakh, and at heart anti–Semitic. How do these misconceptions arise? What impact do they have on interfaith relations in general and the conversation about the Middle East in particular? How might they be corrected?


Landmark Centre | Lifelong Learning Members: $20; Nonmembers: $25 (includes lunch) | Advance registration required | REGISTER >


Friday, April 20 | Noon–1:30 p.m.


Barbara Greenberg, Magistrate for the Division of Small Claims for the Bedford Municipal Court and a Magistrate for the Cuyahoga County Juvenile Court Community Division Program


What constitutes sexual harassment? Is accusation enough or do you need proof? How many people need to accuse to make it real, or is one enough? Do the same rules apply to everyone or are public figures held to a higher standard? Is it fair to be tried in the media? How can we hope to get fair legislation? Barbara Greenberg will present some legal background and lead an open forum to examine this serious issue.


Landmark Centre | Lifelong Learning Members: $20; Nonmembers: $25 (includes lunch)  | Advance registration required REGISTER >


Friday, May 18 | noon–1:30 p.m.


Jeffrey Veidlinger, Joseph Brodsky Collegiate Professor of History and Judaic Studies and Director of the Frankel Center for Judaic Studies at the University of Michigan


In this presentation, historian Jeffrey Veidlinger draws on his experiences interviewing hundreds of Yiddish speakers in Eastern Europe. He reflects on the uses of oral history to the historian, the intimate details it can reveal about the past, our memories and the things we value most in life.


Landmark Centre | Lifelong Learning Members: $20; Nonmembers: $25 (includes lunch) | Advance registration required | REGISTER >