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Tribe Talk: New Jewish Conversations

Tribe Talk: New Jewish Conversations

Tribe Talk: New Jewish Conversations‌ 

Mondays, September 18, October 16, November 20, December 18 | 7-8:30 p.m.


Tribe Talk is an edgy, informative, and engaging monthly conversation on trending Jewish news led by Brian Amkraut and Alanna Cooper, our resident Jewish news-junkies.


Brian Amkraut, Executive Director, Siegal Lifelong Learning

Alanna Cooper, Director of Jewish Lifelong Learning, CWRU

Landmark Centre | Members: free; Nonmembers: $5 per session |

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Co-sponsored by the Cleveland Jewish News and the CJN Foundation

Check Out Past Tribe Talk Discussion Points:

sam chestnut photo

Monday, January 30 | 7-8 p.m.


Featured Guest of the Month: Sam Chestnut, Lippman School, Head of School


Talking Points:

1. Jews in the News

From the “first children” - Ivanka and Jared - to a full slate in the cabinet, Jews are now closer to power in the US government than they’ve ever been.  What implications will this have for American Jews?

What Should American Jews Make of Ivanka Trump, The Atlantic  


2. American Jews Split over Israel

Obama’s abstention from the recent UN resolution on Israel, and the Trump administration’s appointment of the new US ambassador to Israel will impact Israel.  But these political events have alsoinvited rancor between US Jews.  What does this division and strain mean for Jewish life here at home? 

Divided American Jewry, New York Times 


3. Teaching Holocaust and Genocide

Students in Akron, Lippman School engage in an exchange with students of the Northern Cheyenne in Montana, to learn from each other’s cultural heritage and struggle.  What is gained by cross cultural comparisons of Holocaust and genocide?  And what challenges are raised by drawing parallels? 

The Lippman School and the Northern Cheyenne Nation – A Pardigm-Shifting Educational Partnership

megMonday, February 27 | 7-8 p.m. 

Featured Guest of the Month: Rabbi Megan DohertyDirector of Hillel and Jewish Campus Life, Oberlin College
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Talking Points:

1. What Does School Choice mean for Ohio’s Jews?

American Jews are divided on the issue of school choice.  And in Ohio – as a state with a strong voucher system – the debate is particularly pressing.

With Betsy DeVos pushing school choice, Ohio Jewish schools sing its praises


2. Rabbis as Activists in the Age of Trump

A protest against the recent roll-out of new immigration policies sparked the largest mass arrest of rabbis in U.S. history.  How does this sort of activism square (or not) with Jewish tradition?

I’m a rabbi who was arrested protesting Trump’s travel ban


3. Talking about Antisemitism

Antisemitism is out there, and America's Jewish communities, the press, and the new administration are all talking about it.   But this messages aren’t clear: Is it a real threat?  A failure of the Trump administration? A political whipping post?  Or something else……

Is anti-Semitism on the rise?  Does anyone care?



Watch the February 27 Tribe Talk here

Monday, March 27 | 7-8:30 p.m.

Featured Guest of the Month: Kyla Schneider, principal at Solel Coaching and Consulting, chair of Nakum (task force on dementia and aging) for the Jewish Federation of Cleveland


Members: free; Nonmembers: $5 | REGISTER > 


Talking Points:

1. Israel's Travel Ban

Israeli lawmakers have passed their own travel ban, potentially denying entrance into the country to anyone who calls for a boycott of the Jewish State.  To whom, exactly, does this apply?  And will it be enforced?

Knesset passes law barring boycott supporters from Israel


2. Jewish Cleveland tackles the challenge of Alzheimer's disease and dementia

Alzheimer's is on the rise, debilitating the lives of patients and their families.  Now a report just published by the Cleveland Jewish community, tackles the issue from a more macro perspective.  In what ways can the illness be addressed on a communal scale? 

Planning for Our Future: A Report on Alzheimer's Disease/Dementia in Our Community


3. Jewish Cemetery Desecration and Neglect

A few weeks ago newspaper headlines drew attention to a spate of vandalism in U.S. Jewish cemeteries. Then it was revealed that damage to the one in Brooklyn, NY was simply due to neglect.  Some communal soul searching is in order.

Hallie Kogelschatz photoMonday, May 22 | 7-8:30 p.m.

Featured Guest of the Month: Hallie Bram Kogelschatz, CEO of shark&minnow


Members: free; Nonmembers: $5 | REGISTER >


Talking Points:

1. Can Judaism be Branded and Marketed?  Should it Be? 

Can today’s Jewish leaders can learn something from best practices in marketing and branding?  Or should religion be off-limits in these arenas?  Professional strategy and design consultant Hallie Kogelschatz weighs in

2. Tribe Membership Extending to Non Jews 

In March, the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism passed a resolution allowing congregations to grant membership to non-Jews.  Does this bode well for Jewish life in America?  Or not?  

3. Reflections on 1967:  Then and Now

This coming week marks fifty years since the Six Day War.  How did the events shape American Jews relationship to Israel then?  And how has that changed?



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