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Seminars and Events



01/03/18 Virology Journal Club - Leah Plasek WRT206, 12PM
01/10/18 CFAR Mini Symposium W203, 1PM-3PM
01/11/18 Levine Lab - Alexander Canfield - "The Quest for Transcytosis: The Journey Across the Epithelium" and Braulio Llorens - "Immune inhibition caused by endogenous and synthetic opioids during CD4+ T cell activation" W203, 1PM
01/18/18 Steinmetz Lab - Abner Murray - \x93TBD\x94 W203, 1PM
01/25/18 Nguyen Lab - Sam Ogwang \x96 \x93TBD\x94 W203, 1PM
02/07/18 Virology Journal Club - Angelica Cruz Lebron WRT206, 12PM
02/08/18 Karn Lab - Curtis Dobrowolski \x96 \x93TBD\x94 W203, 1PM

Brady-Kalnay Lab - PDs/PI "TBD"

W203, 1PM
02/22/18 Tilton Lab - Zach Troyer - "TBD" W203, 1PM
03/01/18 Karn Lab - David Alvarez-Carbonell \x96 "TBD" W203, 1PM
03/07/18 Virology Journal Club - Ivelisse Resto Garay WRT206, 12PM
03/08/18 de Boer Lab - PDs/PI W203, 1PM
03/22/18 Karn Lab - "TBD" W203, 1PM
03/29/18 Levine Lab - Angelica Cruz-Lebron - "TBD" and Stephanie Swedik - "TBD" W203, 1PM
04/04/18 Virology Journal Club - Paul Wille WRT206, 12PM
04/12/18 Karn Lab - Paul Wille - "TBD" W203, 1PM
04/26/18 Karn Lab - Mary Ann Checkley - "TBD" and Ben Luttge - "TBD" W203, 1PM
04/26/18 CFAR Leader Speakers - Jintanat Ananworanich - "TBD" W203, 1PM
04/26/18 CFAR Leader Speakers - Wesley Sundquist - "TBD" W203, 1PM


Department of Molecular Biology and Microbiology Trainee Seminar Program

Complete calendar of Student/Postdoc seminars through May '17 (PDF)

Student/Postdoc Seminars are held on Tuesdays at 1:00 p.m. in W203 (Rottman seminar room).