Patricia R. Taylor, Ph.D.


Patricia R. Taylor, Ph.D.
Case Western Reserve University
Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences
2085 Adelbert Road, Institute of Pathology, Rm 105
Cleveland, Ohio 44106
Phone: (216) 368-5825
Research Focus: IL-17 Neutrophils in fungal keratitis

Research Summary
My research is based on recent characterization of a population of neutrophils that produce and respond to IL-17A (Nature Immunology, 2014). More recent findings indicate that IL-17-producing neutrophils play an important role in fungal and bacterial corneal infections. These cells are also present in other infectious, autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. My collaboration with colleagues in Pediatric studies, demonstrate that IL-17-producing neutrophils are present in chronic, Pseudomonas infected cystic fibrosis patients in addition to murine models. Continuing studies are examining the different pathological roles of this population of IL-17 producing neutrophils, and investigating potential mechanistic inhibitors of this cell for future therapeutic use.