Department Directory

Name Title Email Phone #
Danielle Alperin, OD Clinical Instructor 216.844.3601
David Bardenstein, MD Associate Professor 216.844.8686
Julie Belkin, MD Assistant Professor 216.844.5526
Beth Ann Benetz, CRA, FOPS Professor 216.844.3615
Edward Burney, MD Professor 216.844.5141
Atif Collins, MD Clinical Instructor 216.844.8053
Adriana Grigorian, MD Clinical Instructor 440.684.1374
Florin Grigorian, MD Clinical Instructor 440.684.1374
Pankaj Gupta, MD Clinical Instructor 216.844.3464
Jonathan Lass, MD Professor 216.844.5893
Akiko Maeda, MD, PhD Assistant Professor 216.368.0670
Faruk Orge, MD Professor 440.684.1374
Paul Park, PhD Assistant Professor 216.368.2533
Irina Pikuleva, PhD Professor irina.pikuleva@case.edu216.368-3823
Douglas Rhee, MD Chair 216.844.8590
Rony Sayegh, MD Clinical Instructor 216.844.8472
Sara Schoeck, OD Clinical Instructor 216.844.8608
Thomas Stokkermans, OD, PhD Assistant Professor 216.844.8272
Loretta Szczotka-Flynn, OD, PhD Professor loretta.szczotka@case.edu216.844.3609
Patricia R. Taylor, PhD Instructor 216.368.5821
Carol Toris, PhD Professor 216.844.8380
Research Staff:      
Lasaundra Acre Clerk 216.983.5164
Eisuke Arai, PhD Post Doctoral Scholar  
Glenn Barton Research Assistant  
Andrew Bear Research Assistant
Heather Butler Core Module Manager 216-368-5427
John Denker Core Module Manager 216.368.4990
Catherine Doller Core Module Manager 216.368.5239
Liliana Echeverria Image Analyst
Lisa Ferguson Research Coordinator 216.844.7658
Nicola Goodall Project Manager 216.844.4840
Sevada Hakobyan Image Analyst  
Scott Howell, PhD Core Module Manager 216.368.2300
Le'Rashaun Jones Clerk 216.844.4840
Min Hyung Kang Research Associate 216.844.8480
Yong Li Research Assistant  
Harry Lopez Database Manager  
Denice Major Core Module Manager 216.368.6385
Malathi Marudhavanan Research Assistant 216.844.4927
Natalia Mast, PhD Research Scientist 216.368.0193
Erin McDonagh Department Assistant 216.286.6561
Karen McHugh Image Quality Control Coordinator
Harry Menegay, PhD Database Manager 216.844.6316
Alejandro Mercante Senior Research Associate 216.844.4927
Ezechaelle Norris Image Analyst 216.844.4927
Dong-Jin Oh, PhD Senior Research Associate  
Laura Pavlik Research Coordinator 216.844.7931
Lindsay Perusek Research Assistant  
Sangeetha Raghupathy Research Coordinator 216.844.8552
Tanisha Rankins-Coker Research Coordinator 216.983.5164
Leslie Richards Research Assistant 216.983.5164
Aicha Saadane Research Associate  
Hillary Sedlacek Research Coordinator
Bhubanananda Sahu, PhD Post Doctoral Scholar  
Dawn Smith Core Module Manager 216.368.0790
Yan Sun Research Scientist  
Jessica Tag Research Coordinator
Garth Wadleigh Research Assistant  
Qifang Wang Research Assistant  
Administrative Staff:      
Jonathan Volpe, MBA Department Administrator 216.844.3617
Alicia Trybus Practice Manager 216.286.6665
Nancy Vitale Asst. Department Administrator 216.368.4752
Andrea Hinton Department Assistant 216.844.3633
Ram Marudhavanan Accounting Clerk 216.368.5414
Kimberly Bowman Secretary to the Chair 216.844.8590