14th Annual GPCR Retreat:

Joint Meeting of the Great Lakes GPCR Retreat and Club des Récepteurs à Sept Domains Transmembranaires du Québec

October 17-19, 2013; Cleveland, Ohio

GPCR Retreat 2013 Preliminary Program

Thursday, October 17

2:30 Registration

4:30 Brian Kobilka – Stanford University (Keynote Lecture)
"Structural insights into G protein coupled receptor signaling"

Welcome Reception and Poster Session 1 (odd numbered posters)


Friday, October 18

7:30 Breakfast

Symposium 1: Hubert Van Tol Symposium on animal models

Krzysztof Palczewski – Case Western Reserve University
"Genetic approaches to understand oligomerizations of GPCRs"

Morley Hollenberg – University of Calgary
"Proteinase-stimulated signaling in vitro & in vivo: a GPCR-enzyme Partnership"

Katherine Lee - University of Western Ontario
"Protective effect of the RGS2-eIF2B binding domain (RGS2eb) against pathological cardiac hypertrophy"

Walter Koch – Temple University
"GRK2 Inhibition in the Failing Heart - Nearing Translation"

10:00 Coffee Break

Symposium 2: GPCR Signaling in Vision

Vsevolod V. Gurevich – Vanderbilt University
"Targeted design of signaling-biased arrestins"

Michael Cheetham - UCL Institute of Ophthalmology, UK
"Molecular chaperones in the biogenesis and quality control of rhodopsin"

Beata Jestrzebska - Case Western Reserve University
"Supramolecular architecture of the rhodopsin-transducin complex"

12:00 Lunch

Symposium 3: Biophysical Studies of GPCRs

Reinhard Grisshammer – National Institutes of Health
"Structure of the agonist-bound neurotensin receptor NTS1"

Scott Prosser – University of Toronto
"Understanding the role of Ligands on GPCR Activation by NMR"

Shanna Bowersox - Carnegie Mellon University
"Cell-autonomous tuning of opioid sensitization by substance P"

Rabindra Shivnaraine - University of Toronto
"Probing the receptor-G protein interaction in live cells using dual-color fluorescence correlation spectroscopy (DCFCS) and Forster resonance energy transfer (FRET)"

Stanley Opella – University of California, San Diego
"Structure, dynamics, and function of unmodified GPCRs in phosopholipid bilayers under physiological conditions"

3:00 Coffee Break

Symposium 4: Translational GPCR Research

Rick Neubig - Michigan State University
"Attacking challenging drug targets: gene transcription downstream of GPCRs"

Derek Leishman - Eli Lilly
"Early safety assessment: when and how much"

Thomas Facklam - BioMotiv
"From hit to the Clinic"

Panel Discussion-Translating Biology to Therapeutics

Poster Session 2 with Reception Dinner (even numbered posters present)

7:30 Dinner

9:00 Board Meeting (to discuss next retreat) all PIs welcome

Saturday, October 19

7:30 Breakfast

Symposium 5: Non-Canonical GPCR Signaling

Xiaoping Du – University of Illinois, Chicago
"Crosstalk between GPCR and integrins"

Jean-Pierre Vilardaga – University of Pittsburgh
"Noncanonical GPCR signaling mechanisms"

Stéphanie Clément - McGill University
"Biased signaling and allosteric moculation of the Angiotensin II type 1 receptor"

Jonathan Stamler - Case Western Reserve University
"Signaling through GPCRs by S-nitrosylation"

10:00 Coffee Break

Symposium 6: GPCR Action Inside the Cell

JoAnn Trejo – University of California, San Diego
"Ubiquitin and Intracellular Signaling by GPCRs"

Bruce Allen – Universite de Montreal/Montreal Heart Institute
"Intracrine GPCR signalling in the adult cardiomyocyte"

Jean Luc Parent – University of Sherbrooke
"Functional cooperativity from an interaction between a GPCR and the intracellular synthase of its agonist"

Nevin Lambert – Georgia Health Science University
"Movement of Gs between plasma membrane receptors and intracellular compartments"

Poster Awards and Closing Remarks - Marvin Nieman (Organizing Committee)

12:15 Lunch and Depart

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