Histology, Microscopy and Imaging Core


The HISTOLOGY portion of the Histology, Microscopy and Imaging module does embedding and sectioning of tissue samples, usually of very precise areas (for example the optic nerve), as well as histological stains of the resulting slides.  Because of high demand, the module concentrates on fulfilling the needs of the researchers in the Visual Sciences Research Center.  Most, if not all PI's in the VSRC utilize this module.

Histology produces photo quality slides, both frozen and paraffin, for research analysis, posters, presentations, publications and grants.  During consultation the Module Manager will advise whether to either how to fix tissues and embed (frozen) or to process and embed in paraffin.  Routine H&E stain is available, as well as more complex stains such as Masson’s trichrome and Periodic Acid/Schiff’s.

How to Utilize
1) Please contact Cathy Doller at 368-5239 or catherine.doller@case.edu prior to beginning projects
2) Complete the Histology Work Request Form
3) Provide Cathy Doller with slides (Fisher Super Frost Plus, cat# 12-550-15) and boxes to house slides
4) All samples to be embedded in paraffin should be loaded into cassettes upon delivery to the Histology Lab. Cassettes can be provided if needed.

Pricing Information
Every attempt will be made to combine slides when there are fewer than a full rack, however this is not always possible. There is no guarentee of a lesser charge for fewer slides. There will be a charge of .50 cents/slide if slides are not provided, and a charge of $10.00/box if boxes are not provided.

Slides: $3.00/slide. Additional fee for more than 3 sections/slide.
Embedding: $3.00/sample
P.A.S.H. Stain: $60.00/rack of 24
H&E Stain: $40.00/rack of 24
Masson's Trichome: $60.00/rack of 24

Catherine Doller, Histology Manager

Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences
2085 Adelbert Road
Institute of Pathology Building, Room 108

Phone: (216) 368-5239

The MICROSCOPY and IMAGING portion of the Histology, Microscopy and Imaging Core was established in 2005, and provides access and training in the correct use of fluorescent and brightfield microscopes. Users can be trained not only on the core’s two microscopes (automated inverted or a manual upright scope) but they can also be instructed on the proper use of any scopes that they may have in their own labs.  Additionally, the module manager helps maintain a spinning disc confocal microscope housed in the Department of Dermatology. These instruments can also be accessed with VSRC member labs at reduced rates. Image analysis services and training are also provided by this module.  Automated macros can be written to not only speed up the pace of research but also provide consistent results in analyzing large data sets.

Users are encouraged to contact the module manager prior to beginning any microscopy based experiments. A review of experimental design, the correct selection of dyes and which microscope will best do the job are all important to getting consistent publication quality results.

Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences
2085 Adelbert Road
Institute of Pathology Building, Room 106

Phone: (216) 368-2300

For more information: Microscope Policy

Pricing Information
Utilizing Core Manager for for digital analysis, training, repairs, non-routine consultation: $15.00/hour
Miscrope Usage: $15.00/hour

Carlos Subauste, M.D., Module Director
Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences
2109 Adelbert Road
Biomedical Research Building, Room 10W
Phone: (216) 368-2785