Microscopy & Digital Imaging Core


The Microscopy & Digital Imaging Core, established in 2005, provides access and training in the correct use of fluorescent and brightfield microscopes. Users can be trained not only on the core’s two microscopes (automated inverted or a manual upright scope) but they can also be instructed on the proper use of any scopes that they may have in their own labs.  Additionally, the module manager helps maintain a spinning disc confocal microscope housed in the Department of Dermatology and a laser capture microdissection microscope in Wolstein. These instruments can also be accessed by VSRC member labs at reduced rates. Image analysis services and training are also provided by this module.  Automated macros can be written to not only speed up the pace of research but also provide consistent results in analyzing large data sets.

Users are encouraged to contact the module manager prior to beginning any microscopy based experiments. A review of experimental design, the correct selection of dyes and which microscope will best do the job are all important to getting consistent publication quality results.

How to Utilize
1) Once trained, users can log into Yahoo Calendar to sign up for scope usage.
2) To schedule time on the Leica DMI 6000 B Inverted Scope
Username: invertedscope
Password: microscope
3) To schedule time on the Olympus BX-60 Upright Scope
Username: slidemicroscope
Password: slidesonly
4) For more information: Microscope Policy

Pricing Information
Utilizing Core Manager for for digital analysis, training, repairs, non-routine consultation: $9.00/hour for members, $15.00/hour for non-members
Miscrope Usage: $9.00/hour for members, $15.00/hour for non-members

Carlos Subauste, M.D., Module Director
Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences
2109 Adelbert Road
Biomedical Research Building, Room 10W
Phone: (216) 368-2785

Scott Howell, Ph.D., Module Manager
Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences
2085 Adelbert Road
Institute of Pathology Building, Room 106
Phone: (216) 368-2300