Specialized Animal Resources Core


The Specialized Animal Resource (SAR) Module is intended to provide assistance and training in the maintenance of animal colonies with special needs. The primary focus is genetically altered mice (gene knockout or transfer) that require a clean environment, may be difficult to breed, and involve genotyping of offspring. In addition, the module manager is available for assistance and training in experimental procedures involving most animal models.

The function of the SAR Module Director is to approve and supervise use of the Module facilities. All requests for Module use must be discussed with the Director, who will coordinate the schedule of the Manager. Use of the SAR Module is limited to animals directly involved in eye research. The SAR Module Manager will oversee the daily operations of the SAR Module facility in addition to providing technical guidance and training. The Manager will be an expert in fundamental techniques of breeding and maintenance of mice colonies along with genotyping, and preferably have prior experience training laboratory personnel.

How to Utilize
1) Contact either Heather Butler or Katie Zongolowicz for more information

Pricing Information
Animal Maintenance: $1.25/weaned mouse for members, $2.50/weaned mouse for non-members

Heather Butler, Module Co-Manager
Department of Medicine
Phone: (216) 368-5427


Kathryn Zongolowicz, Module Co-Manager
Department of Medicine
Phone: (216) 368-5427