Tissue Procurement and Histology Core Facility Service Fees

Fees effective March 1, 2011

Service Unit Fee
Tissue - prospectively procured initial sample, regardless of weight or preparation per sample 40.00
Tissue - subsample of inital tissue, fresh, fixed, in paraffin or OCT per sample 15.00
Tissue - de-linked upon collection per sample 50.00
Tissue - from TPHC storage, annotated and then de-linked per sample 120.00
Blood per sample 5.00
Serum per sample 10.00
Chart Reviews per case 40.00
De-Linked Paraffin Blocks for Testing Only - Upt to 3 paraffin Blocks* per sample 25.00
De-Linked Slides for Testing Only - Up to 10 unstained slides (must also purchase a de-linked paraffin block)* per slide 5.00
*Formal application and IRB requirements are waived for samples used for testing under certain conditions (call to discuss)
Block, paraffin or OCT (Tissues fixed by researcher) per block 7.50
Block, methracrylate per block 15.00
Slides, unstained per slide 5.00
Staining charge for H&E or other simple stains including Cresyyl Violet, Methyl Green, Methylene Blue, etc. per slide 2.50
Staining charge for complex stains including Copper, Elastin, Trichromes, Oil Red O, PAS, etc. per slide 7.50
Enzyme stains per set 120.00
Rental of microtome or cryostat per 1/2 hour 15.00
Note: Rush orders can be performed for an additional 50% fee.
IHC (Investigator-supplied antibody) per slide 35.00
IHC (Core-supplied antibody) per slide 40.00
IHC Assay Development (Investigator-supplied antibody) panel of 4 runs 350.00
Tissue Microarray (TMA) from researcher per slide 15.00
Tissue Microarray (TMA) from core facility per slide 150.00
TMA Design and Productions, inquire per block 1500-4000
Consultation, set-up and first slide photmicrograph per job 25.00
Additional Slides per photo 3.00
Hardcopy photos (color laserjet printer, 8.5" x 11", std. paper per photo 1.50
*Light, phase contrast, fluorescence (DAPI, FITC, and TRITC). Service offered to histology, IHC and TMA facility users.

Contacts: Phone:
Tissue Procurement: Bob Wyza (216) 844-5389
Histology: Nancy Edgehouse (216) 368-8700
IHC, TMA and Photomicroscopy: Adam Kresak (216) 844-0076