Organizational Structure

The policy at CWRU/UHCMC is that a Director of tissue procurement operations must be a Surgical Pathologist to assure that only appropriate tissues are obtained for research purposes. This is of vital concern for patient care. The HTPF was organized with Gregory T. MacLennan, MD as the Principal Investigator and Director, and Robert E. Wyza, M.S. as the Director of Operations. The HTPF operates within the Pathology Department at CWRU/UHCMC.

Dr. MacLennan has overall responsibility for the tissue procurement services, and serves as the primary source of information regarding the facility's ability to meet the particular needs of the researcher. Mr. Wyza has supervisory, technical and fiscal responsibilities for the operations. Dawn Dawson, M.D. is responsible for immunohisotchemistry activities. Nancy Edgehouse, B.S. is Manager of Histology Operations.

The TRC operates as a major arm of the HTPF and is operated as a funded activity under a five-year grant awarded by the NCI to the Cancer Center. A Joint Steering Committee oversees the HTPF and TRC. The purpose of the Committee is to review the policies and the operation of the services and to give advice relevant to changes in policy or specific issues that may arise. Members of this Committee include researchers, clinicians, legal experts and administrative staff.