Purpose & Scope

The purpose of the HTPF is to provide tissue collection and processing services to intramural and extramural researchers studying cancer and other diseases. Specific procedures are in place to protect donor identity and other Protected Health Information. Services include:

Prospectively procuring high quality discarded human tissue samples
De-identifying and de-linking samples and associated demographic and histopathologic data
Processing tissue samples according to user-specified protocols
Histological processing of human and animal tissues supplied by researchers
Histology (producing blocks, slides, and staining)
Immunohistochemistry (IHC)
Quality control
Providing billing and procurement data to appropriate administrative areas

The HTPF offers high quality tissue procurement and histological services and expertise in a cost-effective, value-added manner to researchers. The facility serves as a central tissue collection and distribution point, with knowledgeable personnel that work directly with surgical pathologists to facilitate efficient interactions during tissue collection.

Histology services are provided by skillful research assistants whose aim is to produce publication-quality slides. HTPF activities include assisting and advising researchers on the following:

HTPF application process, forms and requirements
Tissue availability assessments
Regulatory aspects concerning the use of human tissues in research
Ensuring the security of Protected Health Information (PHI)
Capabilities in histology and IHC techniques
Instruction in tissue fixation to be submitted for histology
Providing options for tissue sectioning and selection of appropriate stains
Expected timeframes for the collection and assignment of tissues to investigators and fulfilling work requests

Special services are offered to Case Comprehensive Cancer Center members through the HTPF's Tissue Resources Core (TRC) Facility to address needs such as provision of sterile samples and long-term storage of tissues.