Hyoung-gon Lee, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Mailing Address:
2103 Cornell Rd.
WRB 5123
Cleveland, OH 44106-7288

phone: (216) 368-6887
fax: (216) 368-0494
email: Hyoung-gon.Lee@Case.edu

Ph.D., Case Western Reserve University

Aberrant cell cycle activation in neurons is now emerging as a key pathogenic mechanism of neurodgeneration in many neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer disease. These findings led us to develop a novel hypothesis that neurodegeneration in Alzheimer disease, like cancer, is a disease of inappropriate cell cycle control. However, its exact role in disease pathogenesis is unclear primarily because of the absence of research models to study cell cycle re-entry in adult neurons in vivo. To pursue this, we have developed the transgenic mice models and current projects are focused on delineating the pathogenic mechanism of cell cycle re-entry and its causal relationship with the pathogenesis of Alzheimer disease in these models.