Graduate Program Committee

Jim Anderson Chair, Graduate Program Committee; Director, Graduate Programs; MCBDTP Chair; MS Program Coordinator
Robert Petersen Co-Director, Graduate Programs; Graduate Student Admissions representative; Graduate Student Seminar Series Coordinator; BSTP Representative (represents all 3 tracks); M.D./M.S. Oversight Committee Representative
Susann Brady-Kalnay CBTP Chair
Clive Hamlin Track Thesis Committee Representative, All tracks
Cliff Harding Chair, Department of Pathology; ITP Chair; MSTP Director
Brian Cobb ITP Representative
Mark Jackson CBTP Representative

*Christine Kehoe serves as Secretary to the Graduate Program Committee, and as Pathology Graduate Program Coordinator.

The Graduate Program Committee provides oversight for the entire Pathology Graduate Program and handles issues common to all constituent tracks (student admissions, mentor approval, final stages of academic review, core curriculum issues and other issues related to the general structure of the program). The MCBDTP, ITP and CBTP each have a track-specific Steering Committee that is charged with administering activities specific to the track (curriculum development, including courses, seminar and journal clubs, advising of prospective students and students in the track, recruiting efforts, faculty development and other issues). The track Steering Committees work with the Pathology Graduate Program Committee in many areas, with joint efforts coordinated by the track Chairs.