Program Overview

The Case Department of Pathology provides extensive opportunities for graduate training in Experimental Pathology, Immunology and Cancer Biology leading to the PhD (or MD/PhD) degree. A separate program leads to the MS degree. Teaching faculty are based in the Case Department of Pathology and other basic science and clinical departments at Case and Case-affiliated hospitals (University Hospitals Case Medical Center, Cleveland Clinic Foundation, MetroHealth Medical Center and the Louis Stokes VA Medical Center).

Major areas of research and graduate education include a wide range of topics in experimental pathology, immunology, immunopathology, inflammation, receptor signaling, infectious diseases (including HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria and others), apoptosis, neoplasia and cancer biology, stem cells, tissue injury and healing, biomaterials biocompatibility, neuropathology (including prion disorders, Alzheimer's disease and other topics), aging, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Cutting edge research applies molecular and cellular approaches for in vitro and in vivo studies of disease mechanisms in human and animal model systems. The focus on disease fosters development of basic science and translational research that applies to clinical disorders.

PhD Training in the Pathology Graduate Program occurs in three tracks that share a common core curriculum but provide additional track-specific curricular offerings. This provides a cohesive program that addresses the specific needs of different Pathology-related areas of research training. Section II of the handbook "Pathology PhD Program" describes core features of the program that are shared by all three tracks and provides detailed descriptions of the three training tracks:

In addition to the PhD program, the Pathology Graduate Program provides training for the MS degree (for employees only) or a combined MD/MS. The Pathology Graduate Program Committee administers the PhD and MS programs. The Case Department of Pathology is also active in training of medical students, undergraduate students, post-doctoral research fellows, clinical residents and clinical fellows.

Please note that this website is not comprehensive. Students should check the handbook for full documentation. A link to the handbook can be found in the menu to the left.