Student Support

All PhD or MD/PhD students receive full tuition support, stipend and health benefits. In addition, students of primary faculty are provided with a laptop computer. The stipend is the same for all students and is set at the level specified by the BSTP (currently $25,000/year). One exception is the $2,000 bonus received by students who obtain extramural training support. PhD students are encouraged to apply for independent fellowship funding (for example, an NRSA from the NIH). Students who earn a fellowship that provides at least 75% of the current stipend amount will be awarded a stipend bonus of $2,000 per year in addition to the BSTP stipend, pro-rated to cover the period of extramural fellowship support. A second exception is that a student who obtains an extramural fellowship that provides a stipend higher than the BSTP stipend will receive the level of stipend provided by the fellowship award.

Students are generally supplied with a laptop computer (up to $1,100) when they enter the Pathology Graduate Program. This is provided by the Department of Pathology for students whose mentors have primary appointments in Pathology. For students whose mentors have secondary appointments in Pathology, the student should check with the mentor and home department or center regarding support for a computer. This support is expected for all students in the Pathology Graduate Program, but the Department of Pathology is not responsible for computer arrangements for students of non-primary faculty. It is the student's responsibility to maintain the computer in working condition. Upon completion of the program, students keep their computers. Students who leave the program prior to completion of the PhD degree must leave their computers with the Department of Pathology.

Students may receive reimbursement for up to $100-$200 (check for current support level) to defray professional expenses (professional society memberships, journal subscriptions, books, etc) that cannot be covered by the Thesis Mentor (arrangements for students of mentors who are secondary appointees in Pathology need to be confirmed by the student and are not the responsibility of the Department of Pathology). Students of mentors with primary appointments in Pathology should submit receipts and reimbursement requests to the Pathology Graduate Program Coordinator (Christine Kehoe). All expenses for student research are supported by the Thesis Mentor.