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Case Center for Imaging Research

Imaging Research Core

Imaging Research Core

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The Case Center for Imaging Research (CCIR) exists to help further the study of imaging.  Within the CCIR, the Imaging Research Core provides a comprehensive suite of preclinical and clinical imaging instrumentation and techniques developed in-house by our leading imaging scientists.

The Core services the CWRU and University Hospitals research communities, researchers and industry partners throughout University Circle and Northeast Ohio, and across the country.

The Imaging Research Core offers the expertise, infrastructure, and environment that can help turn your research into a reality.

State-of-the Art: Optical Imaging, MRI, PET/CT, and more

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Reasonable Rates and Do-it-Yourself Discounts

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Training + Scheduling

Follow our easy 3-step process to gain training and access to the CCIR Imaging Research Core.

  1. Contact Dr. Kerry O. Grimberg, the assistant scientific director (, 216.844.5434)
  2. Attend a 20 minute general orientation
  3. Attend Imaging Modality-Specific Training

When requesting access and training, please provide documentation of Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee approval, project speedtype or invoicing request information, and information on which modality / instrument you are requesting assistance.