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Physician Assistant Program

Mission, Vision, Core Values

Mission, Vision, Core Values


The CWRU Physician Assistant Program strives to improve access to health care through the education and development of compassionate, highly competent physician assistants who are prepared to provide quality, patient-centered care in a collaborative environment and who are dedicated to:

  • Clinical Competence—Utilizing an investigative and analytic approach to clinical situations and providing care that is evidence-based, safe and equitable. Instilling an appreciation of the importance of life-long learning and a commitment to scholarship.
  • Medical Professionalism—Improving access to high-quality health care by providing care with respect, compassion and integrity. Advocating for a just and cost-effective distribution of finite resources and maintaining trust by managing conflicts of interest.
  • Leadership—Working effectively with health care professionals as a member or leader of a health care team or other professional/community group.  Mentoring and developing future leaders within the profession and the community. Advancing the formal pursuit of clinical and scientific scholarship in the PA profession.
  • Community Outreach—Demonstrating responsibility and accountability to patients, society and the profession through active community involvement and volunteerism.
  • Cultural Competence—Enhancing sensitivity and developing the ability to function effectively to meet the needs of a diverse patient population. Promotion of an inclusive culture of global citizenship.
  • Innovation—Utilizing the power of collaboration and visionary thinking to develop innovative solutions to address the healthcare needs of our nation.

Approved and endorsed by the CWRU PA Advisory Board November 4, 2015


  • To be the PA program that sets the standard for educating physician assistants and teachers to be leaders of change in creating a healthier world; and to build an inclusive community that cultivates excellence and collegiality in order to enrich learning, foster innovation and address challenges in health care.

Core Values

  • Excellence—A commitment to teaching excellence and championing quality, evidence- based health care in an innovative and supportive learning environment that fosters the student's personal effectiveness.
  • Accountability—Demonstrating responsibility to students, the University, patients, society and the PA profession utilizing a continuous process improvement system.
  • Integrity—Honesty and adherence to the highest standards of professional behavior and ethical conduct.
  • Teamwork and Collaboration—Building partnerships within the University and the community to transform the health care system and to educate students in a collaborative team model that promotes critical thinking and medical problem solving skills.
  • Advocacy and Equity—Seeking to eliminate disparities and barriers to effective, quality health care through patient advocacy and advocacy of the PA profession.
    Intellectual Curiosity—Exhibiting self-reflection, intellectual curiosity and initiative, critical thinking and learning that is active, creative and continuous within a supportive environment that encourages research and scholarship.

Approved and endorsed by the CWRU PA Advisory Board June 29, 2015

Case Western Reserve University PA Program Goals:

  • Recruit and retain qualified applicants from a variety of backgrounds and experiences.
  • Prepare students to address community health issues and health disparities in the context of societal and economic systems.
  • Attain and maintain an accredited program that ensures graduates will have the requisite knowledge and skills for entry in to PA practice.
  • Prepare PA students for team-based care through interprofessional education.
  • Graduate competent physician assistants that function as professional members of the healthcare team in a variety of clinical settings to meet workforce needs.
  • Foster a culture of professional involvement, leadership and advocacy.

Approved and endorsed by the CWRU PA Advisory Board November 6, 2015